Billy Burke

Best Man

Ht: 5'10"; Wt: 135lbs; Bats: Left; Throws: Left

Billy Burke grew up in Acton, Massachusetts and had the pleasure of meeting David at MIT. Like David, Billy played golf at MIT, unlike David, Billy was NewMac Golf Rookie of the year (2002/03). After a quick round-the-world tour, Billy followed David to NYC in 2007. From 2009 until a homewrecker came and broke them up, David and Billy lived happily together on the Upper East Side where they watched virtually every Celtics, Red Sox and Patriots game and virtually every meaningful Bruins playoff game, and in late August each year, any televised high school football games.

Michael "Mike" Weiss


Ht: 5'5"; Wt: 145lbs; Bats: Left; Throws: Left

Don't let the lack of a tribal armband tattoo fool you, Mike Weiss really did grow up in New Jersey. Mike met David in 2010 and they became fast friends playing golf, football, basketball, cornhole and beer pong together. During summer months, from noon Friday to sundown on Sunday, Mike and David can be found on a golf course. During winter months (or rainy summer and spring days) Mike and David can be found in Atlantic City supporting the local economy.

Michael "Mike Guttag" Guttag


Ht: 5'10.25"; Wt: 160lbs; Bats: Left; Throws: Left

Michael has known David since September 1988. Michael is David's brother.

Mark Guttag


Ht: 6'3"; Wt: 122lbs; Bats: Right; Throws: Right

Mark is David's youngest brother. Mark followed in David's footsteps by attending MIT and passing multiple classes on his first attempt. Mark resides in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is an avid golfer, the defending Belmont Cup Champion and boasts the lowest handicap of any groomsman. Mark enjoys snapchatting golf holes, snapchatting dog pictures, and snapchatting pictures of his lab. Mark's favorite holiday is Arbor Day.