MACAWS webinars

The Multilingual Academic Corpus of Assignments - Writing and Speech (MACAWS) is an ongoing project of building a corpus of assignments (texts, spoken discourse, and multimedia products such as blogs) produced by learners in different language programs at a large university in the American Southwest. This learner corpus is also associated with a repository of pedagogical artifacts (e.g., syllabi, assignment sheets, lesson plans). Two Less Commonly Taught Languages (LCTLs) are currently included in MACAWS, Portuguese and Russian.

This website hosts webinars that present and explain pedagogical materials created using MACAWS on the following topics:

  • Genre and Register Awareness
  • Lexico-grammar
  • Culture

The first two webinars briefly describe the corpus (Part I) and present the framework that guided the materials design.

Part I - Introduction

PART II - Material Development Framework

Part III - Genre/Register (Portuguese)

PART IV - Genre/Register (Russian)

PART V - Lexicogrammar (Portuguese)

PART VI - Lexicogrammar (Russian)

PART VII - Culture (Russian)