Interested in Educational research & considering a PhD?

The Access, Wellness, and Relational Determinants of Student Success (AWARDSS) Program, funded by the Institute of Education Sciences, is open to students of all disciplines that lead to a PhD program in an education-related field, such as education, social science, and public health.

This UROC affiliated program at the University of Arizona can prepare you for doctoral study in education through an exceptional year-long training program.

should You apply?

  1. You must be committed to pursuing a doctoral degree and intend to immediately apply and enroll in a graduate program

  2. You must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0+. (overall, major, or graduate degree)

  3. You must meet one of the following criteria regarding academic status:

    • Be a continuing UA junior or senior with a graduation date of December 2022 or May 2023, or

    • Be within 5 years of having received a Bachelor's degree, or

    • Be currently enrolled in a Master's degree program with a graduation date no sooner than December 2022.

  4. Finally, you will also be asked to explain how a group to which you belong is considered underrepresented in graduate education, as these programs are designed to provide pathways to this level of education.

If you can answer that question and meet the above criteria - this program is for you!

Possible Majors

The AWARDSS program is not restricted to specific majors - only to those interested in educational research (across the lifespan). Here are some examples of degrees that AWARDSS fellows may have obtained or plan to pursue:

  • Administration of Justice

  • Bilingual Education

  • Disability Studies

  • Educational Policy

  • Educational Psychology

  • Educational Research

  • Elementary Education

  • English

  • Family Studies & Human Development

  • Government and Public Service

  • Higher Education

  • History

  • Literacy, Learning, & Leadership

  • Mathematics

  • Neuroscience

  • Organizational Leadership

  • Psychology

  • Public Health

  • Social Justice

How can you benefit?

Fellows will receive specialized training in education research (with a focus on examining individual and societal contributions to student success), conduct research with faculty mentors, develop their writing skills, and receive specific assistance in applying to doctoral programs, all via our specialized funded program.

  • Fall/Spring graduate writing courses

  • GRE training and fee waivers

  • Financial package of up to $10,485, including stipends, housing, travel, and professional development funds

  • Summer room and board provided (or off-campus housing equivalencies)

  • On campus parking, mileage (if applicable)

  • Summer tuition and fees paid by UROC for the UROC-PREP credit-bearing courses


Note: The application website (UROC) uses a universal form for all programs, and some of the information contradicts our requirements (i.e. UROC states that you must be a continuing UA junior or senior with a certain graduation date, but the AWARDSS program has broader acceptance standards as described above*). The information you find here at the AWARDSS site is accurate regarding requirements.

"I became more comfortable public speaking and expanded my research interests." - Celeste Celaya, 2017