What is BYOD?

Bring Your Own Device. This is a wireless enabled electronic computer/device that is useful for making learning progress. Many studies have shown that giving students access to a device that can be used at home and college improves many areas of study and can enhance learning. The continuity of working on a device that moves with you helps students to access learning and make better use of their time. It’s the icing on the cake for developing good learning habits.

Students at our college have a wide range of needs in ICT depending on the interest in our specialism. Where one student will happily work, write essays and produce coursework on a tablet or IPad, another may need to invest in adobe creative cloud, a macbook or PC for media production.

Education is free in this country. We provide all the software and hardware students need to pass our courses, the BYOD helps support them in this process. We have made the BYOD an expectation as we think most students have access to an appropriate device already and simply need to set it up for use at college. If we know that most, if not all, a class has a device with them, we can make much more use of them and increase the pace of learning. By the end of yr11 most students bring a device already.

What we provide:

As a college we have invested in providing a range of ICT solutions; we have a strong Wireless network, Professional level equipment targeted for specific subjects, and a range of supporting peripherals around the site. More recently we have decided to invest in monitors for BYOD stations so learners can plug in and improve their workflow. We also invest in professional level software for industry training and cloud based software for project based learning.

BYOD helps us to target our budget at improving our industry level equipment by making use of devices that many students already use and have access to.

We aim to provide an environment that encourages confident use of many types of devices. PC, Mac and Google are all available on site. This, plus the BYOD makes students more discerning ICT users, picking the best tool for the job can make a big difference to productivity.

If the BYOD causes you financial concern that may prevent you from providing a device we can help with advice and support, Please contact our SEND officer in the first instant.

BYOD Expectations of a Device

In the interest of maintaining a high level of learning and progress the following has been agreed as best practise:

Student BYOD (Bring your own device) expectations:

  1. Device should come to college everyday fully charged.
  2. Device should have a Keyboard for extended writing (this can be Bluetooth)
  3. Device should not have Social media apps or Game apps installed (e.g. whatsapp, snapchat, facebook etc)
  4. Device must be able to use the Google Drive, apps and classroom.

All other school rules also apply to behaviour on these devices.

Teachers can:

  1. Confiscate devices for misuse.
  2. Arrange a device to be searched if needed.
  3. Say when devices can and can’t be used.

Like any personal equipment we can not guarantee the safety of the device on site, this is one reason that we look at cost effective options and products that will fit in a locker. If you are concerned please check your home insurance documents for ‘items out of the home’ cover.

Most difficulties happen on transit, to and from college and around the site, getting a case is a worthy investment.

People Premium

If your child is in our records you are eligible for free school meals, this means that we are provided with a small amount of finance to support you. We will provide a Chromebook device for you to use as a BYOD unless you advise us that this will not be required. We hope that this helps. Devices will be available in September, you will be notified.

Please see below the letter we sent home regarding BYOD

Letter Home