Love the logo? We do too!

Minkyu Park, an 8th grade student from the International School of Prague, designed this year's logo in our design contest.

ELMLE 2021: The Space Between

Our theme for ELMLE 2021 is "The Space Between". Our hope is to inspire teachers to place a purposeful focus on and commitment to the specific needs of the middle level learner. This includes the many frontiers where adolescents are "in between" and as a result need educators to provide appropriate challenges and safe environments for them to navigate the passage.

The magic of Middle School is relationships and connections. The same is true for ELMLE, which has always encouraged continuing professional community and learning.

Keeping the connections and creating community is essential for ELMLE. Our goal is to enrich past professional relationships and help develop new ones in the coming academic year. To build on our connections and learning from #ELMLEBudapest, our format this year will feature a year-long series of virtual events, including the annual conference on Saturday, February 6, 2021.

Call for Presenters is Closed

The applications are in, and the Steering Committee is reviewing them now! Selected presenters will be notified by December 15, 2020 and will be automatically registered for the #ELMLEVirtual conference.

Each year our conference is enriched by educators like you sharing best practice. This year’s ELMLE conference looks different, and we’re reserving a special session during the February 6, 2021 full day virtual event for practical, teacher-led demonstrations that focus on unique adaptations that educators have made in the current context. This is an exciting opportunity to model authentic teaching and demonstrate real-world application and the impact that it has on student learning.

This unique segment of the virtual conference will be a “Show Me” session: a 30-minute speed round to demonstrate how you bridge The Space Between. Consider a tool or practice that you use to impact student learning, no matter what space they are in: face to face, hybrid, or full virtual learning. The goal is a specific takeaway which colleagues can put into practice tomorrow.

Mondays for the Middle

ELMLE’s "Mondays for the Middle" is a year-long series of featured speakers, forums, Job Alike events. These sessions occur on Mondays at 18:00 CET.

All ELMLE member schools and individuals enjoy free year-long access to ELMLE’s ongoing professional learning community - every event, all year long. All events and schedules will be hosted in our ELMLE Whova conference app platform and accessible throughout the academic year for Job Alikes, community boards, individual connections and virtual meetups.

Don’t want to miss out? Make certain that your individual or school membership is current by contacting Lenelle Davis ( New to ELMLE? All are welcome to join with professional individual or school membership! Individual non-members are also welcome to register with a one-time registration fee of 150€ to have year long access to all of the virtual events.

ELMLE looks forward to keeping the connections and continuing the conversation with you in the coming school year through our #ELMLEVirtual format!

Access our Year-long Speaker Series

Click here to see the entire Mondays for the Middle schedule. After you've registered for #ELMLEVirtual, use the links to add events to your calendar.

What Our Teachers Say

  • "Wow, what a graceful digital pivot. So impressed. Thanks for keeping the ELMLE spirit thriving."

  • "Thank you for making the registration so easy and for organising such interesting and helpful online learning events."

  • "It's such a welcoming, supportive community of MS educators, and I appreciated being able to make connections to other people who work in middle school...A perfect size to interact and work with fellow educators."

  • "I left feeling inspired with renewed determination. I enjoyed the entire conference, from lectures to networking...the amazing culture of friendliness, collaboration, great humour, fabulous people."

  • "It was lovely to have reflection and planning time to set goals...great balance in terms of topics between well-being, multilingualism, leadership, and sexuality education."

  • "I really value the ability to resync my thinking back to what is best for my students. We, as teachers, always get caught up in all of the clutter and noise of educational expectations. It is always good to go to a conference with your colleagues and your principals to have our lens refocused back to really what is best for our kids."

  • "The speakers and the variety of teacher presenters provided easy, useable tools for immediate implementation in the classroom."

The European League for Middle Level Education

ELMLE is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting middle level education. Founded in 1986, ELMLE is an international affiliate of the United States’ Association for Middle Level Education (AMLE).

ELMLE’s global membership comprises schools and individuals in Europe, and includes members from such countries as the United States, South Africa, India and China. A ten-member steering committee, elected by its diverse membership, organizes its annual European educational conference.

Mission Statement

The European League for Middle Level Education is dedicated to inspiring administrators and teachers of young adolescents to improve their knowledge and professional practices which promote positive student learning. Our main task is to sponsor an annual conference for middle level educators.

Congratulations to our "Spread the Word" Book Winners!

Congratulations to Margherite Dadiego (IS Prague), Melissa George (previously at ASC Athens), Jenny Killion (AS Barcelona). They were selected from the educators who helped spread the word about Phyllis Fagell's highly regarded book, Middle School Matters! We were so pleased to be able to chat with the author herself about the book in August. Stay tuned for the next opportunity in March, 2021!

"Middle School Matters is a perfect choice for school-sponsored parent and/or educator book clubs. Bursting with resources, practical tips, conversation starters, and thought-provoking discussion questions, Ms. Fagell’s guide to understanding and supporting the changes children go through during the Middle School years will get everyone talking! Our Parent Book Club decided that one meeting wasn’t enough to cover all that this book has to offer!"

-- Simona Reichmann, Ph.D., School Counselor, American Overseas School of Rome

Association for Middle Level Education

AMLE is our parent organization. If your school is an ELMLE member school, you are also an AMLE member, and you have access to all of their resources and benefits. Check out to access these resources, as well as their timely AMLE's COVID-19 Resource Center.

The #AMLE20 Conference is also going virtual this year on Oct 23-25, 2020. Join fellow middle level educators in the #AMLE20 virtual middle school classroom! It’s a space to play, innovate, and be creative. It’s a space to connect with colleagues. It’s a space to contribute and collect tools and resources to meet the needs of your students and your school community.