YHS Philosophy Club

What is Philosophy Club?

Philosophy Club is a space where students can deepen their understanding of philosophy and the world. Anyone who is interested is welcome to join! Philosophy Club is primarily discussion-oriented, and members are able to share their opinions and also learn from their peers. Through discourse, members will be able to better understand both their ideas and their classmates' ideas. Outside of meetings, we also host community events at the Elmhurst Public Library. 

What do we do at meetings?

At meetings, we'll start with a brief presentation on a philosopher and their thoughts. Afterward, we'll move on to the focus of the meeting. This can be the showing of a film or the introduction of a book/concept. We will then discuss the "focus" as a group. Our goal is to create a collaborative and supportive environment where people can both contribute to and benefit from the learning process. After discussing, we'll wrap up by explaining what we'll do next meeting. 

How do I join?

Just show up! We meet on the first and last Friday mornings of every month in room A354. If you have any questions about meeting dates, feel free to contact us or check @yorkphilosophyclub on Instagram. Meeting reminders and media recommendations (ex. podcast episodes, book pdfs, videos) will be posted on Google Classroom (code: rxdjsgb).