Student Services Team

At Pilgrim Park, our mission and vision is an unbreakable, empowering community and we are dedicated to equipping our community with the skills, knowledge, and mindsets needed for all to reach their fullest potential. Our student services team (SST) provides assistance to all students, families, and staff to help fulfill this mission and vision. The SST includes counselors, school psychologist, social worker, and nurse. Click the tabs above for information specific to each of these titles.

Student Services Administrative Assistant

Connie Jordan

(262) 785-3920 ext. 161

It is important that every student at PPMS feels safe. If a student experiences bullying as a victim or bystander, they can report the incident in a safe and private way using this online form. Reports will go to the assistant principal and grade level counselor. All reports will be investigated discreetly in order to protect the person reporting.