Trainer Network

Welcome to EIL Ireland's online platform where trainers and facilitators for EIL programmes, workshops and events can find relevant information, support and guidance to effective and efficient presentation and material resources.

The online source can be seen as a library of tools, relevant and globally recognised information made available for EIL staff and the Volunteer Network.

The Mission of EIL Intercultural Learning Ireland is: To provide intercultural learning experiences which enrich lives, promote understanding of other cultures and challenge individuals to be more globally aware and responsible.

The aim of this resource is to provide relevant information and training to people who share a common goal to support other people who are aspiring to attain a greater level of competence in terms of becoming a "Global Citizen".

We are delivering workshops, trainings, events, programmes, etc. that are structured to provide a learning from

The EIL Learning Model that EIL is aspiring to deliver to any participant(s) who engages with our programmes/activities.