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Students apply in the fall of each year based on GPA, community service, and school involvement. A panel of teachers evaluate the applications and let the advisers know who is eligible. During the year, students need to attend weekly meetings, participate in community service projects, and be active in NHS sponsored activities. Students are awarded honor points for participation and must maintain a minimum level to remain in the organization. If students do not participate and earn the necessary honor points, they will be dropped from the club and unable to reapply another year. It is the student's responsibility to remain active in NHS. There are regular announcements of how to earn honor points outside of meeting times, as well as opportunities published to this website. As long as you continue to participate at a moderate level (30 HP each semester), keep your GPA at 3.0 or above, and do not do anything to get put on the academic dishonesty list, you will remain a member in good standing.

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Treasurer: Harman Rai

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