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Extended Essay Subject Guide 2018 Extended Essay Rubric Deadlines Class of 2019 Deadlines Class of 2020

*Grade boundaries - Students can earn a maximum of 34 points on the extended essay. Grade boundaries won't be established until after the 2018 exam session as this will be the first session to apply the new assessment rubric.

Research proposal worksheet

The purpose of the worksheet above is to help you work out your research question for the extended essay. You will formally submit your proposal via Managebac.

  1. Log on to Managebac
  2. Click on the IB Manager on the left
  3. Click on Extended Essay
  4. Click on the Extended Essay worksheet tab (far left across top)
  5. Click on Edit Extended Essay proposal (upper right corner-ish)

Follow these directions to enter your proposal:

  • Subject - pull down the menu and click on the subject of your extended essay.
  • Topic - enter the topic of your extended essay
  • Research Question - enter your research question
  • Notes - Enter the approach you will take to research your question. Also enter your three preferences for supervisor.
  • Supervisor - Pull down the menu and click on Bridget Whitted. I will change this to the supervisor to whom you are assigned.

Research Questions

Click for a guide on developing a research question.

Here is another good guide on research questions.

Annotated Bibliographies

Click on the resources below for help on annotated bibliographies.

Description of an annotated bibliography.

Annotated bibliography example

Annotated bibliography rubric

Annotated Bibliography links
Drafting your Extended Essay
Extended Essay Assessment Criteria

Open this slide presentation, make a copy to your Google drive, and edit it according to instructions. When finished, share your edited presentation with Bridget Whitted.


Students will earn the following points for Extended Essay process assignments which will be calculated into their TOK or Scholars grade (whichever the students are enrolled in when the assignment is due):

TOK 11

Initial Reflection 25 pts

Annotated Bibliography 50 pts

Outline 50 pts

Interim reflection 25 pts

TOK 12

Rough draft 50 pts

Final reflection 25 pts