Advanced Education

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What is Advanced Education?

Advanced Education is intended to provide high school students with educational enrichment opportunities at the community college level. Current high school students who are interested in taking classes at one of the Los Rios Community Colleges (ARC, CRC, FLC, or SCC) may enroll in a maximum of two (2) college courses each semester (summer, fall and spring).


  • You are 16 years old, or you have already completed 10th grade by the first day college classes start.

  • You are currently enrolled in high school.

  • Students must be mature enough to understand the course material and to benefit from the presentation style.

What courses are excluded from Advanced Education?

  • Courses offered at the high school during the same semester the student wishes to enroll at the college.

  • Basic skills courses (numbered 1-99), with the exception of co-requisite and support courses.

  • Courses requiring repetition due to unsatisfactory grades ('D' or 'F') received at the student's school.

  • Courses where the student’s safety or the safety of others would be jeopardized.

Advanced Education Student Support for Summer and Fall 2021

Summer schedule released 2/15/21:

CRC is accepting applications from March 15 through May 14, 2021*

ARC, FLC, & SCC are accepting applications from March 15 through May 28, 2021*

Fall schedule released 4/5/21:

CRC is accepting applications from April 26 through July 30, 2021*

ARC, FLC, & SCC are accepting applications from April 26 through August 13, 2021*


Advanced Education Application Workshops**

Workshops will cover the step by step process of LRCC application submission and instructions on completing the necessary paperwork.

March 2nd 2:30-4:00 Passcode: 415916

March 9th 2:30-4:00 Passcode: 696625

March 23rd 2:30-4:00 Passcode: 892021

April 6th 2:30-4:00 Passcode: 434167

April 20th 2:30-4:00 Passcode: 688496

May 4th 2:30-4:00 Passcode: 561779

May 19th 2:30-4:00 Passcode: 925741

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Drop in Office Hours for Advanced Education Help- Q&A

March 11th 2:30-3:30 Passcode: 324397

March 25th 2:30-3:30 Passcode: 248425

April 8th 2:30-3:30 Passcode: 711207

April 22nd 2:30-3:30 Passcode: 324894

May 6th 2:30-3:30 Passcode: 617880

May 20th 2:30-3:30 Passcode: 502694