Open Enrollment

Statewide Enrollment Options

Statewide enrollment options, informally known as open enrollment, is Minnesota’s public school choice option that allows students and parents to have access to schools that are not within their resident district. This program allows student enrollment from one school district into another.

State applications are used for any open enrollment situation involving two school districts in Minnesota. Once accepted for open enrollment, the student may attend the nonresident district through high school graduation. Nonresident districts must receive applications by January 15.

For more Open Enrollment information please refer to the MDE website. Further information can be found on the buttons below. A form only needs to be filled out once during a child's entire education unless the child has a change in residence.

If you are choosing Open Enrollment, fill out Section 1 of the Open Enrollment form and mail/fax/email to the Superintendents office. Once it has been approved and signed by Superintendent Kolness, a copy will be mailed back to you as well as your resident district.

Mail: 1420 4th Ave. NW, East Grand Forks MN 56721

Fax: 218.773.3070


To find our your resident school district according to the Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State Voter Information Poll click on the button below.