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Student Film and Music Projects


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Help us celebrate the amazing work of the PVA 25 & 35 Media Arts students!

Dropping Thursday June 10th 2021

PVA Media 25 & 35 Students

Eden A.

Eden is a grade 12 PVA media arts student who has primarily explored blender but has also experimented in different mediums such as photoshop and digital art. he enjoys video games and pop culture and uses that "nerd knowledge" to inspire his projects.

Dilynn A.

Dilynn is a grade 11 PVA media student who's interested in storyboarding and animation.

Adam B.

Adam likes carrots and hummus, he does not enjoy the use of public restrooms. Adam strives to create art that reflects modern day society, such examples include Industrial Breakfast, and Bulgy Apartment. How can we algebraically simplify a human relationship to see such a thing in third person, Adam thinks he found the equation, and was willing to share it with the board of trustees after getting brutally rejected he became an artist.


Lina B.

Lina is a grade 11 pva media student. She enjoys drawing digitally and trying new art forms. As of late Lina has been interested in 3D modeling and animations, she has been using the program blender for the past couple months to learn.

Abigale W.

Abigale is a grade eleven student who is passionate about graphic and interior design. Each design through her eyes is seen as a visual representation of what each business/company stands for, and is something Abigale tries to achieve in her work. With much to learn and areas to grown in, Abigale will be taking many courses in collage and university in order to develop and sharpen her skills that will better express each business/companies values and unique aspects.

Felix B.

Felix Bridges is a multi-media creator, skilled in areas such as photography, videography, prop construction, and more! In relation to media, Felix's interests lie mostly with editing and other post production related skills, and they enjoy learning new skills within adobe premiere pro alongside working on new projects.

Brock B.

Brock enjoys various modes of media including film, video editing and graphic design. However, he find his specialty is most definitely audio engineering. He has been playing in numerous bands throughout the years and came to loving the art of audio engineering naturally through his love of music.

Julianna C. D.

Julianna works with illustration within the media arts. Their love of visual story-telling compels them to work with digital art and animation. They also enjoy character-design and world building, ways that help convey a story through art- that's what Julianna loves to do.

Lana D.

My name is Lana Dragicevic and I am a senior at Central Memorial High School and I am in the PVA Media Arts program. In my years at Central, I have been building my skills in Graphic Design, Photography, Animation, Screen Printing, and Video Production. In January 2022, I will be attending SAIT for Business Administration with a major in Marketing, and I will be working towards a certificate in Social Media & Digital Media Marketing.


JJ found their interest in photography at a young age. They wanted to capture moments and make them last forever. Eventually filmography came after their 10th grade English teacher introduced their class to film making for a PSA project. They're interested in arts of all kind including; illustration, photography, film editing, cosplay, etc.! Big credit to their friends as they're always down to be their model whenever they need!! You can see more of their work at their website (click me!)

Ryan H.

Ryan has found an interest in architectural design and creation. While just learning to use CAD programs such as SketchUp he hopes to continue designing and creating more projects

Kien H.

Kien's main interest lies between creating art and telling stories through digital media. At school, he focuses on animation and design. Otherwise, he is an aspiring illustrator who is striving to improve everyday. Shameless plug: instagram.com/keanichii go follow if you're not a loser.

Logan H

Logan is a videography based person running many YouTube channels throughout the years and doing many video projects. on the side he does photography and runs a Instagram page. in the summer worked doing public affairs work with Cadets Canada and DND in the year 2020.

Riley H.

Riley Horton is a grade 12 student, video editor and digital artist who uses After Effects to create videos and short animations showcasing their style in editing and motion graphics. They also create digital paintings and artworks of characters they have created, these characters they hope to include in their work in the future.

Mimi H.

Mimi is a grade 11 student, interested in all things film, ranging from filming to editing to struggling to set up lights. She enjoys messing around with Premiere Pro and constantly learning new editing techniques. She is (sadly) the CEO of shaky hands. Mimi hopes to go to UBC and one day become a director or editor.

Scott L.

hi i'm scott i am a creative mess of a person i literally don't have any idea about anything i don't even know who i am yet besides that my name is scott, but that mess is what makes me unique whether that be with photography, video making or drawing

Thank you to my loving father for the picture

Kendra M.

Kendra is a grade 12 student who has been passionate about photography for 5 years now, and likes to experiment with portraits and landscapes. She enjoys portraits because they capture emotion and raw moments within people. She has used PVA to expand her skills in photography which includes: experimenting with camera techniques, learning to use advanced equipment, and improving her knowledge with editing platforms.

Mateo M.

Mateo is a student

that gose to central and for gala he didnt really wanna do anything huge. So enjoy the one or two tracks i have.

Owen M.

Owen McElligott is a grade 11 student at CMHS. He has shown an obsessive interest in music since the age of 8, when he started learning the piano. Since then, he's taught himself acoustic, electric, and bass, guitar, ukulele, and currently has his sights set on becoming a professional music producer with his intimate knowledge of FL Studio.

Ella M.

Ella is a grade eleven student currently passionate about video editng, photo editing, and combining her cosplays with media. She uses tools offered by PVA media to assist her cosplay creations such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, SignLab, and the use of Screen Printing.

Jos P.

Jos is a musician and sound technician in grade 11. His passion started from participating in sound tech for music recitals and eventually grew into his interest for creating music. For Gala he created his newest EP "Pennies Of Thought" which shows off his newly acquired audio engineering and mastering skills.

Elliott P.

Elliott is an 11th grage student and musician uwu

Emily R.

Emily is a grade 12 student. Her focus is mostly photography and videography. Emily will soon be off to the University of Lethbridge for their five year media and education combined degree.

Connor S.

I've worked with 3D Modelling for just over half a decade now and I've mostly used Blender as it is (in my opinion) the most user friendly and intuitive software with lots of tricks to make life a little easier. Eventually I want to end up in Architecture of some sort may that be city planning or house planning etc.

Jack S.

Jack is a grade twelve student who is passionate about music, writing, and film. He likes to explore within the areas of home recording and self-produced music. Jack has spent his high school years creating art and collaborating with friends to produce many short films and albums.

Due to the Covid-19 Global Pandemic, this year's PVA Gala of the Arts will be entirely on-line

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