Kentucky Academic Standards for
Library Media


You can find the official PDF version of the KY Academic Standards for Library Media here:

Blank Progression Chart

This is a Google Slides version of the standards that shows a progression for each indicator in the KY Academic Standards for Library Media. Each slide is a background image so you can add your own resources and ideas, or share with a group and collaborate. Feel free to make a copy and add to your own Google Drive.

Collaborative Progression Chart

These are the same as the progression chart above, but include annotations from school librarians across Kentucky during the 2021 KASL Summer Refresher, KET Multimedia Days, and other meetings. Feel free to use these for inspiration and/or to add your own thinking on how these standards in action look in your school.

Inquire | Include | Collaborate | Curate | Explore | Engage

Spreadsheet Version

This is a complete version of the standards in spreadsheet form. Click here to make a copy to your own Google Drive.

More Resources

AASL Standards for Administrators

This is a great one-page resource to help start or continue conversations with a school administrator on the importance of a strong school library media program and how the standards help with that.

screenshot of AASL crosswalk with ISTE standards

AASL ISTE Crosswalk

This crosswalk ties together the AASL Standards, on which our KAS for Library Media are based, and the ISTE Standards, on which our KAS for Technology are based. In addition to the student standards, it also provides the AASL standards for the librarian and library.

screen shot of position statement from AASL on School Librarian's Role in Reading

AASL Position Statement

This is a great piece from AASL that discusses the School Librarian's Role in Reading as it relates to the standards.

KYVL Information Literacy

"The charge of the KYVL Information Literacy Task Force is to elevate information literacy in the Commonwealth by leveraging KYVL resources and the expertise and reach of KYVL member libraries." This is an information literacy skills progression that references both the AASL Standards Framework for Learning, and the ACRL (Association of College and Research Libraries) Framework for Information Literacy in Higher Education.

Wyoming Supplemental Resource

"This supplemental combines information about each of AASL’s six Shared Foundations. The information contained here was created by Jennisen Lucas and presented as a webinar series through the Wyoming State Library. A few of Lucas’ slides have been selected with permission and compiled for reference and review how each domain relates to each Shared Foundation."

Arkansas K-12 Library Media Standards

The Arkansas k-12 Library Media Standards are also based on the AASL Standards Framework for Learners. Their standards may give you further ideas on implementation of our own Kentucky Academic Standards for Library Media.

KASLM Standards Graphics