Welcome to the Gaisler-Salomon (IGS) Lab!

We study the genetic and molecular basis of psychopathology, and are particularly interested in cognitive deficits (learning, memory and attentional deficits), which are a prominent component of schizophrenia. We investigate the genetic and molecular basis of specific cognitive abnormalities, and ask what brain circuits and molecular processes contribute to their formation. We are particularly interested in glutamate neurotransmission, and our ultimate goal is to understand how aberrant glutamate transmission contributes to symptomatology and to contribute to novel glutamate-based drug development. We are also interested in studying the fascinating field of epigenetics, and how it contributes to the direct and trans-generational influences of stress.

Our research is made possible by grants from the Israel Science Foundation (ISF), the binational science foundation (BSF), Ministry of Health and The National Institute for Psychobiology in Israel.

We are seeking post-doctoral and/or doctoral students to join our lab! Research experience with rodents required. Please email: igsalomon at psy.haifa.ac.il

Our Lab Latest News:

  • Congrats to Hiba Zaidan on graduation and obtaining her PhD degree.
  • Congrats to Sharon Lander on obtaining her PhD degree.

Contact us:

The Gaisler-Salomon Lab


Rabin Building, Rm. 5059

Psychobiology Labs,

University of Haifa, Haifa 31905

Phone: 04-8249320


Rabin Building, Rm. 7085

Psychology Dept.

University of Haifa, Haifa 31905

Phone: 04-8249674

Email: igsalomon AT psy.haifa.ac.il