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The center of the study of crime, law and society

Chair, School of Criminology

The Center for the Study of Crime, Law & Society was established in 1998 as a joint research platform for the disciplines of social sciences and Law. The idea behind was that processes and issues taking place in the legal arena are not independent and are linked strongly to the social environment. A comprehensive empirical picture should take in consideration both social and legal aspects when analyzing different legal and judicial procedures or analyzing crime trends and other socio-legal issues such as inequality in the legal system and other issues. The activity in the center brings together scholars and researchers from criminology, sociology, psychology, statistics, law and other fields.

Research Projects carried out in the center: (partial List)

    • Violent crime in the Israeli Society
    • Justice for All? Jews and Arabs in the Israeli Criminal Justice System
    • Trust and Legitimacy- The legal system in the eyes of the Israeli public

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Office Address: University of Haifa, Department of Sociology, Mount Carmel, Haifa, 31905, Israel

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Citizenship: Israeli

Languages: Hebrew, English, German

Professor Arye Rattner

Chair, School of Criminology