About Ms. Torres

Hello, I am Ms. Torres. This is my fourth year teaching at Computech and it has been an amazing journey thus far. I am pretty involved on campus; I coach 7th grade volleyball for both boys and girls and help out with our WEB Program. Growing up in Fresno, I attended Figarden Elementary School, Tenaya Middle School, and graduated from Bullard High School in 2010. I went on to Fresno Pacific University where I majored in both History and English; graduating in 2014. Teaching is my passion; it is the vocation that I dreamt about as a young girl and I enjoy every second of it. I went on to the Fresno Pacific Teaching Credential program and finished in 2015 and I am currently, working on my Masters in History. Another passion is traveling. Last year, I spent a month in Europe visiting several of the historic sites that we talk about in class. My favorite city has to be London; it stole my heart. At Computech, my classroom is always open at lunch if you need a place to hang out and my ear is always available if you need to talk! Don't be a stranger.

About CORE - ELA & History

Welcome to Ms. Torres's 7th grade Core class! Core is two consecutive periods throughout your day in which we will be exploring the Middle Ages and conquering the English language.

This course will focus on the pivotal idea of choice and we will examine the power of choice in both ELA and History. In English, students will be exposed to a variety of literary genres to expand their mastery of comprehension and analysis of literature. Students will compose effective essays of varying purposes -- such as narrative, literary analysis, expository, and argumentative.

In History we will cruise through the Fall of Rome, rise and spread of Islam, the kingdoms of sub-saharan Africa, Europe in the Middle Ages, and so much more! Our studies will go beyond facts, dates, and names. Historical inquiry requires students to engage in historical thinking: to raise questions and to use text based evidence in support of their answers; to go beyond their textbooks and evaluate multiple perspectives on historical issues.

My goal is to provide students with opportunities to grow as observant readers, active listeners, critical thinkers, and effective writers; some of the key skills that they will need in high school, college, and in every career.

2018 - 2019 Course Syllabus