eLearning Highlights Around The District

eLearning is happening everyday, across all grade levels and disciplines.

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The Bitmoji Classroom

The 3C virtual classroom provides students a space where they can access the morning message, assignments, and other resources. With a similar feel to a "point-and-click adventure," this interface is an exciting and engaging way for students to navigate their online learning. The essential and familiar parts of our physical classroom are mirrored in this virtual space, including core content areas and our peace corner with mindfulness exercises. Various 'objects' link to different slides, online resources, or our Google Classroom where students can engage in learning experiences. The virtual classroom enables students to access resources and assignments more easily. Student work is also showcased to build community and celebrate the students' hard work as they learn from one another.

Culminating Weather - 3rd Grade

In this lesson, students used several applications, including FlipGrid to illustrate their understanding of weather. Click on the images (above) to watch some of their videos.

  • During a 5-day period, students fill out a daily weather report by making observations of the weather (temperature, wind, precipitation, and cloud coverage).

  • Students use the provided weather website to record the weather forecast for the following day.

  • Students draw comparisons and evaluate the accuracy of the weather forecasts.

  • To share their knowledge and observations with their classmates, students use FlipGrid record at least one video sharing a weather report on our “3C Family Flipboard.” After viewing the teacher’s model weather report video, students create their own.

EHS Launches Online Gallery


“Making Art: Together While Apart” is a gallery devoted to the artwork created by EHS students, grades 7-12 while during their home schooling. Art has always been a place for self expression, contemplation, and communication. Hopefully during this time, as students, we can create and admire the work of our peers… and as a community, we can come together to enjoy the creativity of our kids!