Franklin's Hot Read - Wednesday 8 April

Dinosaurs Love Cheese

(read by Tyler!)Author: Jackie FrenchIllustrator: Nina RycroftPublisher: HarperCollins Publishers (Australia) Pty Ltd
Dinosaurs love cheese (read by Tyler)

Learning doesn't just happen in the classroom.

The Franklin Early Childhood School Home Learning Hub is a resource for families to support their child to continue their educational journey outside the classroom.

This includes:

  • Video resources aimed at supporting parents in developing literacy and numeracy at home

  • Access to digital resources to reinforce curriculum areas covered at school

  • Scheduling advice and resources to support families and students who are unable to attend school for an extended period.

Stay-At-Home Care Package by Big Life Journal.pdf
Anwar B on LinkedIn How to wash your hands properly 242 comments.mp4

How to wash your hands properly


Have your child make a mini book focusing on one of the key wonderings on the website.

For example:

How much does the sky weigh?

Who invented the pencil?

How do streets get their names?