This is from June 2022 when my family and I went on vacation in Kansas City. If you don't know the statue dude in the picture, his name is Mark Twain. Look him up. He was an amazing author! (I included a few more pictures of us below.

Welcome to SMAMS!

Welcome to SMAMS! You and I are marching into the unknown together this year! I have taught 6th -12th grade ELA for 20 years, but this year I have a new class. Creative Writing!

While I love literature and reading, my absolute passion is writing (and poetry - boy do I love poetry), and I am lucky enough to get to teach something brand new that I already know I will love!

  • 3rd 9 Weeks Late Form

There will be a school-wide late policy this year. Once that information is given to everyone, the form and policy information will be updated for you.

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