Glen Oaks Magnet High Library

welcome to the Glen oaks magnet high library!

Glen Oaks Magnet and Mrs. Anding, the school librarian, are excited that you are visiting the school website. Please be aware that there are a large amount of resources throughout this website that can help you with both academic and personal interests and research.

library vision and mission

It is Mrs. Anding's hope that the library's programs and services will support the library mission, which ultimately should support the school and district visions and missions. These are:

  • EBRPSS Vision: "One Team, One Mission. Building the Future of Baton Rouge."
  • Glen Oaks Magnet: "Success is the Only Option."
  • Glen Oaks Magnet Library: "To be the third space for the community of Glen Oaks Magnet so that all students can grow into productive members of society."

What does it mean to be a "third space?"

A "third space" is a term created by sociology Ray Oldenburg. A person's "first place" is their home, and their "second place" is their work (or in the case of our students, their school.) A "third place" is the informal place that people go to relax, learn something new, connect with others, etc. For some people this is their place of worship, for others it is a club, for some it is their virtual world of video games and social media, and for many it is the public library. There is no reason that a school library cannot function as a third place. It is the largest classroom in the school so it can assist with school work but it is also one of the biggest spaces for students to relax, meet with groups, get involved in informal education, and more.

2017-2018 Library goals

1. Move and reorganize the library after returning from the Northdale campus

2. Return items from the move to the proper locations throughout the campus (teacher supplies, property control, etc.)

3. Instruct students and faculty members on research issues related to intellectual property, selecting quality resources which meets their needs, and conducting effective searches

4. Lead the students and faculty in the school's transition to the use of Google products

5. Promote reading of all kinds to the students

6. Rebuild the student traffic to the library after students could not come to it last year due to the Northdale library being used as a library

long term goals

1. Prepare and implement a move to the new library when it is finished in approximately 2019

2. Increase student foot traffic to the library

3. Continue revitalizing the library collection after the flood

4. Promote the use of new educational technologies including bu not limited to Google for Education products and social media