MacBook Air

In March of 2017 the East Penn School District entered into a Master Lease Agreement with Apple. The first major lease under this agreement calls for the deployment of over 500 brand new MacBook Air's for teaching professionals. The decision to lease MacBook Airs was made by the Technology Committee in the Fall of 2016 as part of the EPSD Connects Technology Plan.

After much research into various devices and inquiring with varying districts, the committee felt that the MacBook Air was the best tool for teachers for a number of reasons. First, they are very powerful, lightweight and simple to use. Additionally, for the first 3-5 years they have minimal technical problems and are typically more durable than their PC counterparts. Finally, MacBook Laptops hold their value much better than PC laptop alternatives over the same period of time, thus having more value at the end of the lease for buyout or exchange.

Acquiring these devices through a four year lease ensures that moving forward, teachers at East Penn will ALWAYS have up to date devices that are supported through both a warranty with Apple and our own EPSD Office of Technology.