Upcoming Events

3rd - 5th Grade Spelling Bee: 3/7

Our Class Values

Be helpful and proactive

Be friendly and inclusive

Responsibly take care of all property

Use kind words and language

Have fun!

Are you involved in something cool that you would like Ms. Reese to see? Current and former students, I would love to watch you perform or play or whatever it is you like to do! I can't guarantee that I can make every event, but fill out this form and I will try my very best to be there!

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Welcome to 5th grade!

I am delighted to be your teacher! Our class is full of bright minds and capable students. As we work together to teach and to learn, we are going to make this a fantastic year.

Our focus word for the year is persevere. When we persevere through obstacles with determination and resolve, we grow into even better versions of ourselves.

Let's make this the best year yet!