Isaac Grombacher

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Isaac Grombacher

Room #165

Phone: (512)732-9280 ext. 34101

Class Schedule

  1. Precalculus Pre-AP

  2. Precalculus Pre-AP

  3. Conference

  4. Lunch

  5. Precalculus

  6. Precalculus

  7. PLC

  8. Precalculus Pre-AP

Student Assistance

While we are learning remotely, Thursday class time will be reserved for tutorials. The following schedule will apply if/when we return to on-campus learning...

My Tutorials (Room 165)

Monday-Friday 8:15-8:45am

NGC Library Tutorials

Monday, Wednesday 4:30-6:00pm

Tuesday, Thursday 6:00-8:00pm

Testing Center

Monday-Thursday 7:30-5:15

Friday 7:30-4:15

*Hours subject to change.