Ms. Bowerman

English Teacher + English Department Head + Eanes Institute of Excellence 2019 Cohort


Name: Teresa L. Bowerman

Room # 111


Phone 512-732-9240 (extension)

Class Schedule

  1. English Planning Committee
  2. PreAP 8th English
  3. 8th English
  4. 8th English
  5. PreAP 8th English

Wildcat Time

6. PreAP 8th English

7. 8th Grade TEAM


Tutoring: 8:00-8:25 Tuesday -OR-

By Appointment -- send me an email 12 hours in advance to make sure I can make it.

8th Grade Supply List for Bowerman 2018/9 School year:

Please note the materials may be different than past English classes.


REQUIRED!! You must have this type of notebook:

*SPIRAL notebook--8 1/2" x 11", 1 Subject, College Ruled, 100+ Sheets NOTE: This is NOT the typical marble notebook you have used int the past. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO USE THE SMALLER NOTEBOOK!

Other required supplies:

  • Pens of various colors-- (At least 3 colors)
  • Ear buds for iPad-- Must have every day!! This is an essential item and can be the cheap kind.
  • highlighters ( At least 3 different colors)
  • #2 pencils
  • Organizational binder/folder for class items

Supplies to be donated to the classroom supplies and used in class:

  • Package of multiple glue sticks
  • 1 favorite color large Sharpie

Nice to have supplies to make life easier on every student:

  • Charger for iPad-- you will need to have a fully charged iPad everyday. Feel free to bring chargers. i have several outlets, but I have no in class chargers.
  • Colored pencils/gel pens
  • Student planner