Coach Donalson


Explore this website for information and announcements regarding my 6th grade PE class at West Ridge Middle School.

If you would like to visit the West Ridge Athletics website for specific sport information such as calendars, practice times and forms, please click HERE.


Each student was issued a gym locker to store their belongings and clothes. Students should keep locker combinations confidential and make sure lockers are closed and locked whenever they leave the dressing room area. Valuables should not be brought to class or stored in a gym locker.


Each student will be tested once per semester. The fitnessgram, developed by the Cooper Institute, is required to be taken by any student enrolled in a physical education class in grades 3-12 in the state of Texas. Eanes ISD tests the following components:

(1) Pacer test-aerobic endurance

(2) Sit and Reach-flexibility

(3) Curl-up-abdominal strength and endurance

(4) Push up-upper body strength and endurance

(5) Trunk lift=trunk extensor strength

(6) Height and weigh-body composition

Class Expectations

(1) Dress out daily

(2) Participate

(3) Be safe

(4) Take care of equipment

(5) Listen and follow directions

(6) Be respectful

Illnesses/ Injuries

If your child cannot participate due to an injury or illness please write a note to the school nurse. The nurse will either give the student or teacher a note excusing the student from participation.


Name: Jeremy Donalson

Room: Gym


Phone 512-732-9240 (extension)

Class Schedule

  1. 7th Grade Athletics
  2. 6th Grade PE
  3. 6th Grade PE
  4. 6th Grade PE
  5. 6th Grade PE
  6. Conference
  7. 8th Grade Athletics

Wildcat Time


By Appointment only