Financial Transparency

Kiowa County School District RE-1 (Eads):

Financial Transparency

Required Financial Transparency

Public School financial Transparency Act

(Commencing July 1, 2017)

Link to the Financial Transparency for Colorado Schools website:


Please consider the context when evaluating financial transactions. Some transactions may appear improper on the surface but are perfectly normal and justifiable when placed in the proper context. We welcome your questions regarding our financial transactions or accounts.

District Informational Summary:

The Kiowa County School District RE-1 is the largest school district in Kiowa County, Colorado. The District owns 5 city blocks including spaces for a football field, softball field, baseball field, track, tennis court, and outdoor basketball court. There are seven large buildings on the campus including the high school and gymnasium, elementary/middle school, preschool, cafeteria, elementary gym, maintenance/bus barn, and agriculture building. Kiowa County School district RE-1 values open and honest communication with its many stakeholders: staff, students, parents, and taxpayers.

Contact Information: Kiowa County School District RE-1

Glenn Smith, Superintendent 210 West 10th Street

Phone: 719-438-2218 Eads, CO 81036

Email: Phone: 719-438-2218

Fax: 719-438-5499

Pam Cole, Business Manager

Phone: 719-438-2218


Colorado Department of Education Office of School Finance