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E-Quantum Consulting, LLC is a truly independent Electric, Natural Gas, and Demand Response Procurement Consulting Firm, located in Northwestern Illinois.  We are different because we are NOT one of the 450+ non-independent Energy Brokers.  That means, unlike these Energy Brokers, we have no hidden commission contracts with any Energy Supplier.  Instead, we chose to remove that conflict of interest and work exclusively for you the Energy Buyer.

To verify our independent status here is a link to our Annual Compliance Filing with the Illinois Commerce Commission.

If you would like to learn why the above statements are important to you, visit our Video Resources page.

Market Trends

Historical perspective of the forward NI-Hub curves.  Each line represents  50 MW block of power for every hour in the calendar year.

NYMEX Last Day Settle Natural Gas Price.

About Us

Founded in January 2011 by Michael Ellis, E-Quantum Consulting, LLC's mission is to provide you, the Energy Buyer, with the information you need to negotiate with the Energy Supplier on a more even footing.

Michael T. Ellis


Mr. Ellis started in the energy industry in January 2001 working for MidAmerican Energy Unregulated Retail Services.  

After 10 years with MidAmerican Energy, he noticed how severely disadvantaged energy buyers were regarding the unbiased information needed to successfully purchase energy supply. 

In Jan 2011, Michael founded E-Quantum Consulting to assist clients in filling that gap.  

Prior to that, Mr. Ellis served as a Military Policeman in the US Army and a Police Officer for the City of Atkinson.  

The investigative skills acquired via Police work are still employed today in gathering the information necessary to ensure clients receive the best possible results managing their energy spend. 

Eoin Burke

Sr. Consultant

Mr. Burke joined E-Quantum in 2016 and has been working in the energy industry since 2007.  

Because energy management and data management are virtually identical, Mr. Burke's background working as a software developer for Morgan Stanley's fraud security division, made for an easy transition. He also worked for a small smart grid technology startup company (EnergyConnect Inc) that was acquired by Johnson Controls. 

He is experienced working with some of the largest energy users in Illinois with a focus on commercial real estate and manufacturing. 

Eoin holds a BS in Computer Science (minor in Math/Statistics) from University College Cork, Ireland.

Amaya Ellis

Manager, Business Administration

Mrs. Ellis joined E-Quantum in January 2020. Prior to that,  she worked at John Deere for 23 years in International Logistics and  Business Analytics.  

She has experience in project management, business optimization, company collaboration, and international business.

Amaya  brings her corporate business knowledge to get projects done.

Mrs. Ellis holds a BA in English Philology from the University of the Basque Country,  Spain.  She is fluent in  English, Spanish, and Basque.

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