What We Do

The College and Career Center works with all grade levels to assist in their college and/or career journey. The College and Career Advisor and The Advise Texas College advisor, assist seniors with college applications, FAFSA, college admissions, waivers, TSI testing, trade school, certifications, Military, and ASVAB. The center consists of many college readiness programs such as GEAR UP, Talent Search, Upward Bound, Breakthrough Central Texas, and College Forward. If you're looking to prepare for college, explore these programs on this website!

Location K102

DVHS College and Career Advisor: Ricky Perez


Advise Texas- College Advisor: Dasjah Martinez


Upcoming Events

Student Spotlight

The Young Women's Alliance Scholarship Recipients

The non profit "The Young Women's Alliance" selected five Senior Del Valle ladies and they each received a $5,000 scholarship. With collaboration with the College and Career Center, this event was organized and coordinated to award these five students. Counsel member Vanessa Fuentes representing District 2 was in attendance at this event as she is a member of the young Women's Alliance. The YWA hired a videographer and interviewed the Del Valle recipients. Thank you to the YWA for offering this opportunity to our future women leaders. Del Valle is incredibly proud of these receipts and can't wait to see what the future holds for these Cardinals.

To be featured here, please let Ms. Martinez or Mr. Perez know when you get accepted into your schools! :)

Past Events

College and Career Readiness Night

The College and Career Center hosted a college and career readiness night. The CCC invited Upward Bound, Talent Search, Gear Up, Breakthrough Central Texas, Austin Community College High School programs, JROTC, The Army Reserves, The Army, The Marines, Capital Idea, and Foundation Communities College Pub. These organization set up tables in the 9th grade cafeteria to expose students to different institutions that offer resources in college and career readiness. Talents Search and Upward Bound provided pizza and Chick-Fil-A, while GEAR Up supplied cupcakes. There were many prizes given out, such as two prom tickets. Over 200 students participate in this after school event.

Decision Day

Dasjah Martinez coordinated Decision Day with Ricky Perez and the Talent Search Search's Staff Cynthia Gill and Christie Scott. This event was organized to celebrate the Seniors who are going to a University/College, getting a trade certification, or going into the military. Austin Community College and UT were in attendance to celebrate those who will be attending their school with swag. In addition, UTA and Texas State also provided students with goodies. Talent Search provided food for the senior class and a grapefruit toast was made by the College and Career Center staff to celebrate their students accomplishment . Photographer, Keyawna Glaze took pictures of this event.