Occupational and Physical Therapy for 9R Schools

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Your Occupational and Physical Therapists:

Hollye Bronson

Schools: AVE, EMS, MMS, DHS, BPHS,& ATPhone:505-263-2225Office Hours:T/W/Th 1pm-2pm

Tonya Jividen Ebert OTR/L

Schools: NES, RVE, PKE, FMEPhone: 970-946-5424Office hours: 10-11 T/W/Th

Jeff Hines COTA

Schools: RVE, PKE, FME, EMS, DHS Office Hours: 10:30-11:30 daily

Ivy Lau MOTR/L

Schools: FLME, SSE, Juniper, Private PreschoolsPhone: 970-880-2253Office Hours: W/Th 9-10am

Krista Scott, DPT

Schools: AllPhone: 970- 946-4115Office Hours: T/W/Th/F 10-11am

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