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The purpose of this site is to give parents and guardians an insight into your child's mathematical world, while providing resources to help support and enhance learning at home. Click on your child's grade level for more information!

Dublin City Schools

K-12 Mathematics Education Vision

In Dublin City Schools, we believe that all students deserve a mathematical learning experience centered around communication, collaboration, thinking and problem solving.

We believe that our students will become mathematicians through opportunities to:

      • approach mathematics with curiosity, courage, confidence & intuition.
      • think flexibly, critically and creatively with numbers and problems.
      • take risks and persevere through robust problem solving.
      • use math as a means to show the interconnectedness of our world.
      • develop a mathematical mindset that emphasizes the importance of understanding and communicating process, while also providing precise answers.
      • engage in mathematical discourse as the language of problem solving and innovative thinking.

This experience will prepare our students for college, career, and life as innovative thinkers and problem solvers of the future.