Mr. Kelly

Grade 8 Social Studies

Dorothy L. Beckwith Middle School

330R Winthrop Street

Rehoboth, MA 02769


This site is designed to be the hub/backbone of this class.... it is designed to help make the class easier.

Reminder for students: Cell phone use is not allowed during the school day

*see cell phone section

I will be available for after school extra help. I am also available during study.

Next after ; September

Please remember;

  • Books must be covered stretch covers.. I have bags

  • charge your laptop and bring it to class

  • Have a pencil or pen

  • I'm signing Agendas at the end of class..must have it with you

Take a selfie with General Green Bonus!!!

Remembering January 6th

We'll make it right for you

If we lay a strong enough foundation

We'll pass it on to you, we'll give the world to you

~founding fathers

Makes you think about cell phones

2021-22Please sign up I send messages frequentlySend a text to 81010Text this messageFor A-block @3g64kh For B-block -@6a6hg42For C-block -@9f9ckg For G-block -@63a9ae For H-block -@87f6ca
Please make sure you text the right class code

Each student was once again given 2 "oops " tickets. If they forget to charge their computer, forget class materials or even the agenda this is turned in. As long as they still have a ticket there is no consequence. At the end of the term if they have at least one remaining they recieve 5 bonus points

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