Lakewood Elementary AIG

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Beyond Base 10

9.15.21 5th graders explored alternative number systems outside of Base 10. First, students learned about other number systems like Binary (base 2), Roman numerals (base 10), and Babylonian numerals (base 60!). Then, students converted numbers from a Base 9 system to the Base 10 system. Then, students created their own number system where they decided on the amount of numerals, researched what to name that number system (based on shapes with the same number of sides), wrote 2-digit numbers in their numeral system and determined the value of their number in Base 10.

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Kindergarten Investigations

9.14.21 In Kindergarten AIG Nurturing this week we are learning about convergent thinking skills by becoming detectives and solving mysteries. Today we learned about Dudley the Detective and solved his missing badge mystery by looking at all the clues and coming to one conclusion! Then we made our very own detective badges! Next week we will solve more mysteries with Dudley!

Mystery Lego Structure

8.31.21 Learning how to communicate without words…Students were either the runner or the builder. The runner could view the mystery structure but the builder could not. The builder could touch the Legos but the runner could not. Neither student could talk so they had to figure out how best to communicate to finish the mystery structure!


Website Greek & Latin Root Projects
Website Greek/Latin Roots Projects

5th Grade studied the concept of interdependence. We started this unit by connecting it to our knowledge of ecosystems. Humans and ecosystems are interdependent. In this Padlet, student explained an ecosystem service that benefits humans. Then, they chose another student's ecosystem service to add a comment. In their comment, they considered the impacts on human life without that particular ecosystem service.

5th graders learned about voting in the United States including how voting rights have changed and voter statistics. Then, we learned about ethos, pathos and logos (elements of persuasion) and identified these elements in Get Out the Vote campaigns. Finally, students planned their own Get Out the Vote ad brainstorming how to include the different elements of persuasion and writing a script.

Planning a GOTV Campaign

This week, 4th & 5th grade students brainstormed feelings, attitudes, behaviors and sayings that they would want to see or hear in a perfect class. Then, students synthesized their criteria to create labels that represented the ideas in each category. Finally, students used the labels to create a class motto. Check them out below! You can click on the motto to see the thinking that went into this.


Kindergarten Nurturing

Below: In March Kindergarteners from all three classes started learning about how things change during the seasons! We started our unit talking about the 5 senses of each season! Check out our posters we made for Summer & Spring.

Abajo: ¡En marzo, los niños de Kindergarten de las tres clases comenzaron a aprender cómo cambian las cosas durante las estaciones! ¡Comenzamos nuestra unidad hablando de los 5 sentidos de cada temporada! Echa un vistazo a nuestros carteles que hicimos para verano y primavera.

3rd graders used divergent thinking to create a new unit of measure. We used these new units to explore and apply understanding of fractions on a number line! Students created a display of their measurements and gave feedback on each other's work.

Los estudiantes de 3er grado usaron el pensamiento divergente para crear una nueva unidad de medida. ¡Usamos estas nuevas unidades para explorar y aplicar la comprensión de fracciones en una recta numérica! Los estudiantes crearon una muestra de sus medidas y se retroalimentaron el trabajo de los demás.

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A visit from a local architect, Abbie Lee, during 4th grade's junior architects math project!

¡Una visita de un arquitecto local, Abbie Lee, durante el proyecto de matemáticas de arquitectos junior de 4to grado!

First Grade Nurturing

Below: First Graders learning about Earth Materials by sorting items we found on our Earth Materials hunt outside! Also, a few pictures of some of our art we made using earth material.

Abajo: ¡Estudiantes de primer grado que aprenden sobre los Materiales de la Tierra al clasificar los elementos que encontramos en nuestra búsqueda de Materiales de la Tierra afuera! Además, algunas fotos de algunas de nuestras obras de arte que hicimos usando material de la tierra.

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Using the Question Formulation Technique in 5th grade reading to ask questions about the effects of climate change. The questions students asked focused and guided their research to learn more!

Uso de la técnica de formulación de preguntas en lectura de 5to grado para hacer preguntas sobre los efectos del cambio climático. ¡Las preguntas que hicieron los estudiantes se centraron y guiaron su investigación para aprender más!

Second Grade Nurturing

Below: Second Graders working hard on brain puzzles to get ready for the Cognitive Abilities Test later on this year! Can you solve the puzzle?

Abajo: ¡Estudiantes de segundo grado trabajando arduamente en rompecabezas cerebrales para prepararse para la Prueba de Habilidades Cognitivas más adelante este año! ¿Puedes resolver el rompecabezas?