Durham Public Schools

IT Division

OUR MISSION: We are committed to creating an environment that encompasses innovative and merging technologies and infrastructure while supporting personalized student learning that enhances achievement and the overall learning experience for every child.

The Role of Technology in DPS

"Technology is the foundation of the 21st Century."

Technology impacts every aspect of DPS. The IT team supports over 30,000 devices, 37,000 end users, and provides wireless Internet to all DPS schools and central office buildings. In addition to end user devices, IT supports networking and server infrastructure for all DPS locations including a co-located data center in RTP.

La tecnología impacta cada aspecto de DPS. El equipo de TI admite más de 30,000 dispositivos, 37,000 usuarios finales y proporciona Internet inalámbrico a todas las escuelas de DPS y edificios de oficinas centrales. Además de los dispositivos de usuario final, TI admite la infraestructura de redes y servidores para todas las ubicaciones de DPS, incluido un centro de datos ubicado en RTP.