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Welcome!  We are so glad you are here!  Read below to meet our Advanced Academics teachers and important information about Durham Public Schools Advanced Academics opportunities.

George Watts Montessori Magnet

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What is the goal of Durham Public Schools Advanced Academics?

Durham Public Schools Advanced Academics help your child learn how to think critically through a variety of methods with a focus on becoming independent, confident citizens of learning!  Primary age students (K, 1st, and 2nd grades) have an advanced academics specialist come in once a week for thinking skills lessons during "Investigations,"  in addition to the specialist seeing small groups of advanced learners during the week that have been recommended by the classroom teachers.

At George Watts  4th, and 5th grade AIG identified and nurtured  students are either  clustered in classes where there is an Academically Gifted licensed lead teacher,   pulled into classes with a certified Academically Gifted licensed teacher or seen by an AIG Specialist.  Each subject of identification is taught by these licensed teachers.

What is the  philosophy of Durham Public Schools Advanced Academics?

Programs focused on the advanced learning needs of our students are one of many ways DPS strives to ensure appropriate learning for advanced learners while supporting the growth of every student.  

Meet our Advanced Academics Teachers!

Meet Ms. deBlaquiere! 



I have  enjoyed teaching in Durham Public Schools for 11 1/2 years!   I am Montessori trained and have taught at the Primary level here at George Watts as well as K-2 Investigations.    Currently  I teach K-2 Investigations in STEM and 3rd grade Advanced Academics.  

Outside of advocating on behalf of and teaching children, I love being with family and friends, being outside in a refreshing body of water, football, puzzling, cooking and traveling.

This website is for ALL learners.  Please check out the educational resources and activities.  They include tasks and activites which encourage higher order thinking skills, logical reasoning, and more!

My email address:

Phone number: 919-560-3947

Meet Ms. Carinder!

I have lived in the Trinity Park community for 32 years and I have taught at George Watts for the last 27 years.  I have taught for years at each grade level and have found my happy place at Upper Elementary. This year I am challenging my inner gifted student by differentiating and leading instruction for two classes.  I am told that I thrive in the challenge. I teach all 5th graders, who have demonstrated mastery of the core math standards through our unit pretests, math using the DPS Math 5+ curriculum.  I also teach ELA to AIG 4th and 5th graders.    When not teaching I enjoy puzzles, reading, watching baking shows, and of course drinking my Dunkin' coffee.


Meet Ms. Krocke

Greetings, families! This is my second year at George Watts Montessori Magnet School, but my eleventh year teaching. I possess a wide range of experience teaching at the elementary and middle school levels, as well as regional teaching coaching experience. I am excited to bring all of my knowledge to the AIG program at George Watts!

When I'm not teaching, I enjoy hiking, camping, gardening, and archery. When I have to be inside, I enjoy doing jigsaw puzzles, playing tabletop games, reading, and doing resin artwork.


Meet Ms. Chiti

Hello Friends!  I have enjoyed five years at George Watts as the school librarian and the Technology Champion.  I also have a great love for Advanced Academics and use the strategies I learned in my certification program every day!  Two of my favorite things about George Watts:  students that are very curious and a wonderful staff.

Teaching and reading are two of my favorite things.  I also enjoy spending time with my family-especially in nature and in our national parks.  My hobby is running and that is why some students call me “Ms. Cheetah.”


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