DSA Student Services

Middle School Counselors:

JoAnn Hester 6th grade and 7th grade Navigators team joann_hester@dpsnc.net

Shonda Middleton 7th grade Explorers team and 8th grade shonda_middleton@dpsnc.net

High School Counselors:

Mary Katherine Scheppegrell 9th (last names A-J) and 10th grade (last names A-J) maryKatherine_Schep@dpsnc.net

Heather Chambers 9th (last names K-Z) and 10th grade (last names K-Z) heather_chambers@dpsnc.net

Genesis Belle 11th (last names A-K) and 12th grade (last names A-K) genesis_belle@dpsnc.net

Kem Gilmore 11th (last names L-Z) and 12th grade (last names L-Z) Onjerya_Gilmore@dpsnc.net

School Social Worker:

Angela Carbone angela_carbone@dpsnc.net

21-22 School Profile.pdf