This is the map of the Boston which includes the Fenway Area, situated in and around the bottom left corner of the map. This map is based on the different types of bike lanes: off street, shared, on street, and with markings. It also shows Hubway stations, helmet vendors, subway stations, parks, freedom trials, future bicycle lanes, and bike ways that have not yet been implemented yet. There needs to be many more bike lanes as most of the lines are yellow, which means these roads do not have a bike lane. There are a lot of Hubway stations but more need to be installed to encourage higher usage of bikes around the city. Bike parking also needs to built near main attractions and near public transportation like subway stations and bus stops so that people can get off the public transit and get on bikes to travel to their destination or bike from their destination to get to subway stations and bus stops. The more safe biking becomes, more people will use it as their main mode of transport and that is our main goal to build new and more safer bike lanes in the Fenway area.