About Us

Diego (far right)

Hello, my name is Diego Swaddipong and I am a rising 9th grader about to attend Dover Sherborn Regional High School. As a resident of Dover, the town's roads being only focused towards motor vehicles, accessibility for pedestrians and bicyclists is of paramount importance to me. I enjoy playing music and fencing.

Sarah (middle)

Hi, I'm Sarah Semy and I am a rising ninth grader at Lexington High School. During the Imagining the Future of Transportation Program, I enjoyed our field trips to locations such as the MBTA Control Center and the Interstate Highway Control Center, where I learned about how the state manages transportation. In my spare time, I like doing nail art and cooking.

Yolisbel (second from the left)

Hey my name is Yolisbel Pena, a rising 10th grader at Milton High School. I like to ride my bike around town which is why the topic of biking in transportation is so important to me. I would like to be an agricultural environmental engineer when I graduate college.

Daysia (front)

Hey, I'm Daysia Charles, a rising ninth grader and resident of Watertown MA. I like playing video games and playing soccer and track as well as researching new advancements in science (I like researching colleges too). When I'm older, I'd like to become a sustainable environmental engineer, and graduate from UC Berkeley or MIT. I also love eating chocolate and watching Netflix.

Max (second from the right)

Hello I am Max Alfred Clemens. I am an aspiring engineer and have a passion for building robots. I live in Weston and attend Fessenden in West Newton, Massachusetts. The future of transportation is bright and thriving with scientists and civilians at work.

Dhanin (far left)

My name is Dhanin, I am a rising sophomore at Natick High School. I play Soccer, Basketball and Tennis. I am a aspiring bio engineer and I am interested in transportation engineering and I want to make Boston a better safer place for everyone.