Myth vs. Fact

Myth: Chiropractors cause strokes.

Fact: You are more likely to be struck by lightning while drowning than have a stroke while getting an adjustment. Our malpractice rates reflect this. Insurance companies don’t look at anything other than statistics to establish rates. I probably pay less per month than you pay for your auto insurance.

Myth: Medical doctors are more educated than chiropractors.

Fact: College curriculum gives us more core anatomy and physiology than medical doctors. The difference is in the advanced training. They get more diagnosis and symptom treatment while we get specialized education to include spine, nerve system and wellness care.

Myth: Once you start with a chiropractor you have to keep going forever.

Fact: Not true. You can do anything you want to do. The perspective of chiropractors is probably a little different however. You know you should exercise, eat right, get enough rest and change the oil in your car on a regular basis. Why wouldn’t you want to make sure your nervous system, your body’s communication system, is working correctly on a regular basis? It is always your choice to be proactive or reactive about your health.

Myth: Dr. Gable always does and says exactly the right thing.

Fact: Sorry, I am human. I will always strive to be and do my best. Failure is part of success and will always be part of who we all are. My first priority in my office will always be you. Please, ask questions and remember I am here for you.