Des Moines Adventist School



As a Christian school serving Grades PK-8, our purpose is to provide a broad educational opportunity in a spiritual environment consistent with our Adventist Christian perspective. We believe that besides a sound academic preparation for life, there should be a nurturing of the whole student by harmoniously developing the mental, physical, social, and spiritual aspect of life.

Mission Statement

The Des Moines Adventist School provides Christ-centered education where students can develop a closer relationship with Jesus. Biblical teaching, academic excellence, civic duty, and service are all emphasized in a safe environment where students can learn.


Each teacher will strive to create a climate for learning which is loving yet firm, accepting yet challenging. Students will be taught personal responsibility and respect for the rights and privileges of others. The teacher will strive to help each student develop a high degree of academic achievement as well as a personal relationship with God, preparing them for a life of service in this world and the next.


2317 Watrous Ave. Des Moines, IA 50035


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