Play Statistics

25-Round Scores

The game's Scorekeeper, Mike Shefler, publishes play statistics at the end every 25 rounds. These statistics are available in Adobe PDF format, which is convenient for browsing, and as Microsoft Excel files, which is convenient if you want to process the numbers in some way.

The files contain cumulative average scores, best guessers of the real definition, number of DQs, dealers' success at fooling the players, frequent dealers, number of D0s, high-scoring players, high-scoring dealers.

Mike's message posts are of course available as Google Groups messages, but since they are of mild archival interest, they are also made available here, in PDF and Excel format; not always immediately.

Back-to-Back Deals

In the history of the game it has happened fewer than a dozen times that a player has won the deal on three successive rounds (not counting the ones he/she dealt, of course). Here are irregularly updated stats stats for runs of 3 and 2 deals, and also for the near-misses. Contains figures for deals to round 1870 (31 December 2007). Available in Adobe Portable Document Format and as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.