Dealer Support Software

All of the dealer support software listed below was written very long ago, and is no longer supported.

Players generally now use spreadsheets to help with the basic administration of dealing a round. Dealing a round of Dixonary isn't hard to do manually, but there is a lot of tedious admin. The commonest error when dealing manually is misattribution of votes, because vote-counting typically involves copying votes off the screen onto paper and copying them back again later. But there are many other opportunities for clerical error.

Coryphæus by Paul Keating

The last major release of Coryphæus was in 2009, and the application is no longer actively supported. It had its own support website at Yahoo Groups; from which it could still be downloaded. But Yahoo closed Yahoo Groups at the end 2019, and despite promises to the contrary, did not make the group contents available for download. So the site has disappeared.

Dixomatic by Marijke van Gans

Author’s blurb: “Dixomatic automates some of the drudgery of dealing. Save defs and votes received to two files, and Dixomatic takes it from there. Harvest defs and votes interactively, edit defs, rearrange and combine them, handle DPs, generate outgoing messages. Can handle CompuServe, internet email and newsgroup style messages.”

Marijke died on 21 April 2009. She was 53.

Version 1.03ß, as uploaded to CompuServe, 6 October 2004. Runs on practically any legacy PC platform: “even runs on Windows 3.1.” Will not run on a modern system such as Vista or Windows 7 without a 16-bit DOS emulator such as DOSBox or Virtual Box. Download.

Autodealer by Froma Bessel

The original dealer support program. A DOS application that requires its users to hand-edit the input to look like a Tapcis .msg file, and does not know about Windows printer drivers.

No longer supported: Froma retired from the game in 2002.

Rev 1.3, as uploaded to CompuServe, 31 Jan 1999. Posted here because some players still use it, and may occasionally need a fresh copy. Download. Will not run on a modern system such as Vista or Windows 7 without a 16-bit DOS emulator: it has been tested with DOSBox 0.74 (available from