Welcome to Mood Monster's Yoga Workshop website.

#fromKids2Kids Mood Monster's Yoga Workshop was made for kids (by kids) ages 6 - 12 to help manage their moods. It has you do yoga poses to help you with your moods.

The moods that the yoga poses are recomended for are: Sad, Angry, Overexcited, Happy, Tired, Stressed and Frusterated!


Mood Monsters Yoga Workshop is a iOS app for Ipad! We called it Mood Monsters Yoga Workshop because we created a character called Mood Monster, it was drawn and designed by: Ana! And Mood Monster helps you do the yoga poses that help you with your moods in his workshop! it will be on the app store!

About Us

We are in Mrs. Burns 3rd Grade at Lincoln Elementry. We worked on MMYW because we wanted to help kids with anger issues. We also wanted to help pepole with stress.

we also had help from 2 8th graders named Dov and Issac, and another teacher named Mr. Saeks.


Please contact our teacher with any questions! Mrs. Karrin Burns burnsk@district90.org