The Fabulous First Grade

May 28th,

Thank you to all parents and teachers for a fantastic semester!

Tomorrow is our graduation assembly from 9am - 11am. I hope to see everybody there :)

May 24th,

Hi everybody,

We've finished 3 out of 5 exams, we're almost done! Be sure to review chapters 9 and 10 of your science book and chapter 5 of your social studies book tonight.


  • Study for science and social studies exams tomorrow!

See you all tomorrow - jia you!

May 22nd,

Good afternoon everyone,

We've been reviewing here in the grade 1 classroom! I'm proud of how well my students have studied. Tomorrow is our first exam, Language Arts, so make sure you review your study guides when you get home from school.

Homework & Reminders:

  • Finish and review all study guides
  • EXAM TOMORROW - Language Arts (Exam Schedule)
  • Bring library books for returning
  • Bring a plastic bag to take home classroom materials, work and books.
  • On Monday we will have our Honors Assembly, and on Tuesday it's our Graduation Ceremony. See you there!

Have a lovely evening :)

May 18th,

A very happy Friday to you all!

We were busy reviewing with our study guides both yesterday and today. The students have been working hard - and sometimes dancing hard during our brain breaks! :)

Homework & Reminders:

  • Read and study! Finish your study guides this weekend.
  • Today is the last day of afterschool classes. For the remainder of school, students will need to be picked up at 3:30pm
  • Next Thursday and Friday are half days. Students will need to be picked up at 11:15
  • Monday May 28th is Honors Assembly from 8:05 - 9:00 am. All students and parents are invited to join.

Have a great weekend!

May 15th,

Good afternoon,

Today we worked on dividing shapes into fourths in math class. Then, after lunch we made cup & string telephones to learn about sounds and vibrations.

For the rest of this week, we will be finishing our subjects and working on our study guides. Please remember to bring your study guides to school everyday!

Homework & Reminders:

  • Reading & reading log.
  • Math packet 12.10.
  • Book report due tomorrow.
  • Check Khan Academy for some extra math and grammar practice.
  • This week is the last week of afterschool classes. Next week all students will need to be picked up at 3:30pm.

Have a fun evening everyone!

May 11th,

Hello parents and students,

We had a busy week of learning - we've almost finished all our units. The study guides have been sent home in students' homework folders. If you take them out to work on over the weekend, please remember to bring them back to school everyday. We will be working on them in class!

Homework & Reminders:

Have a great weekend :)

May 10th,

Good afternoon everyone,

Summer is getting close and exams are around the corner. We're working hard to finish out this quarter and end grade 1 on a high. Study guides will be going home tomorrow!

Homework & Reminders:

  • Reading log
  • Math packet 12.7
  • Spelling test tomorrow
  • Mother's Day Concert is tomorrow. Boys, please wear a shirt and black pants. Girls, please wear a dress. There are no afterschool activities tomorrow, all students will go home at 3.30.

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow at the concert :)

May 8th,

Good afternoon,

This morning we did more work on shapes in our math class. We had fun in science class after lunch testing out our marshmallow shooters to understand concepts of force and motion. We also began to learn more about how people lived in the past.

Homework & Reminders:

  • Book reports due tomorrow
  • Math packet 12.5
  • Reading and reading log
  • Mother's Day Concert on Friday

Finally, a message from Sister Jean about the Mother's Day Concert:

"Dear Parents,

Thank you for sharing to the school your talented children. For our concert on Friday, girls may wear dresses, and boys wear pants and a shirt with long or short sleeves. Thank you and we are looking forward to share this fun-filled time with you. All the best in Christ!

Sr. Jean"

May 4th,

Happy Friday everybody!

Grade 1 worked hard and showed some great cooperation today. With only a few weeks left this quarter, time is flying! This morning we had our spelling test and built 2-D shapes in math class. After lunch, we worked on our grammar, spelling, phonics and reading. We also learned more about an American hero, Martin Luther King.

Homework & Reminders:

  • Reading and reading log
  • Math packet 12.4
  • Students who didn't hand in book reports need to finish them by Monday
  • Spelling test on 5/11
  • On Tuesday 5/8 there will be no afterschool classes due to a faculty meeting.
  • Our Mother's Day Concert is next Friday, 5/11.

Have a great weekend!

May 2nd,

Good afternoon!

We had a great field trip to Tree Valley Farm today. We learned about the evolution of many different species and also about lots of different dinosaurs. It was awesome!


  • Reading & reading log
  • Book reports due tomorrow
  • Spelling test on Friday

Have a good evening!

May 1st,

Happy International Labor Day!

As usual students had their specialty classes today. We also did some math and we started our new science unit, Forces and Motion.

Homework & Reminders

  • Reading & reading log
  • Book report now due on Thursday morning
  • Math packet 12.3
  • Tomorrow is our class field trip. Students should bring: health card (mandatory), sunscreen, hat, extra shirt, towel, 2 x healthy snacks, water bottle, comfortable shoes. Students may also bring $100 MAX. Students should bring a small backpack. They don't need to bring books or classroom items, only things needed for the field trip.

Have a great Tuesday, see you tomorrow!

April 27th,

Happy Friday everyone!

Today we had a blast with Science Day! The students were excellent and had a great time.


  • Reading & reading log
  • This week's book reports are due on Wednesday
  • Spelling test on Monday

Have a great weekend!

April 26th,

Good afternoon,

We had an active day filled with reading, writing, and phonics. We began our final math chapter of grade 1, 2D shapes. In science we tested different solids to see if they dissolved or not - lots of fun!

Homework & Reminders:

  • Reading and reading logs
  • Science Day tomorrow - After school classes will be cancelled and students will go home at 3.30
  • Tomorrow's spelling test will now be on Monday because of Science Day

Have a great evening, I hope to see you at Science Day tomorrow!

April 24th,

Hi everyone,

Students had their usual specialty classes today, and in the grade 1 classroom we squeezed in some chapter 11 reviewing in math. We also learned more about matter in science class, and finally, we learned about an American hero, Harriet Tubman.

Homework & Reminders:

  • Reading & reading log
  • Chapter 11 Math Test tomorrow (Students should review the questions in their math packets)
  • Book reports due tomorrow
  • Science Day on Friday - After school classes will be cancelled and students will go home at 3.30
  • Students received permission forms for our field trip to the Tree Valley Farm today. Please fill them in and return them ASAP!

Have a splendid Tuesday!

April 23rd,

Good afternoon,

Today we did reading and writing in the morning, and began reviewing chapter 11 in math. We will have our chapter 11 math test on Wednesday. Students will take home a review packet today. In the afternoon, students had their specialty classes.


Happy Monday! Have a great day :)

April 20th,

Happy Friday everybody!

It was another busy day in grade 1. We made wax seals for our primary source letters, learning about how temperature changes matter. We also began learning about the greatest American president - Abraham Lincoln! And after lunch we wrote instructions as we made peanut butter & jelly sandwiches. Then we ate the sandwiches - YUM! At the end of the day, we watched the fantastic kindergarten showcase, what a great day!


  • Read your library book
  • Book report due on Wednesday 4/25
  • Spelling test on Friday 4/27
  • Check Khan Academy for some review practice

Have great weekend :)

April 19th,

Hi everyone,

We've had a productive couple of days! We learned about 3D and 2D shapes in math, about matter in science, and we started our new Journeys book: A Butterfly Grows. In social studies, students presented their timelines to the class yesterday. Today, we learned about primary and secondary sources and began making our own 'old letters' as primary sources. Tomorrow we'll be working on our expository writing by making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, so please let me know if your child has a peanut allergy and I will change my plans.


  • 10 minutes reading (please sign your child's reading log)
  • Math packet 11.5
  • Spelling test tomorrow
  • Book report due Wednesday 4/25

Have a great evening and get ready for tomorrow!

April 17th,

Good afternoon,

The students had more specialty classes today. We also worked more on shapes in math and finished up working on timelines.

Homework & Reminders:

  • 10 minutes reading
  • Math packet 11.2
  • Book report due tomorrow
  • Spelling test on Friday (You can see the spellings here)
  • Tomorrow is library day - Please remember to bring all your library books!

Have a nice evening :o)

April 13th,

Good evening!

Today was a productive and happy Friday! The students again worked really well on their writing this morning and we also finished our Very Hungry Caterpillar timelines. In the afternoon, we started our new science unit on matter and our new math unit on 3-dimensional shapes. We also worked on reading and phonics.


  • Read your library books
  • Write your book reports (due on Wednesday)
  • Check Khan Academy for some extra videos and practice on shapes

Summer is coming, and I'm loving the great air quality! Enjoy your weekend everybody!

April 12th,

Good afternoon everyone!

It was another busy Thursday today. We did our math and science tests in the morning - I will send them home tomorrow. After lunch, the students worked hard on their expository writing - it's great to see my students blossoming into fantastic young writers! We also worked on our spellings, grammar and reading independently, and in social studies we worked on timelines. Finally, during ECA we went outside to take our class and school pictures :)


  • Spelling test tomorrow
  • Read for 10 minutes (and fill out your reading log)

Have a great evening!

April 10th,

Good afternoon!

We had a very busy day today, with mass and Easter activities taking up our morning - thank you to my students for their help during the mass!

After lunch we had science class, where we reviewed unit 8 for our test on Thursday. Students worked together to find information from their books to answer some questions. You can use these questions and answers to review for the science test. We also had social studies where students worked on timelines for their school days.

Finally we had a pinata during ECA time. It was super fun!


  • 10 minutes reading
  • Review math chapter 10 - test on Thursday
  • Review science chapter 8 - test on Thursday
  • Finish timeline of school day
  • Spelling test on Friday

April 9th,

Welcome back!

I hope you all had a great Easter break and are ready for the rest of the school year! This morning we brainstormed things that we know how to do before we begin our expository writing this week. Then we worked on some math problems. We will have our Chapter 10 math test on Wednesday - please review for at home. In the afternoon children had their specialty classes. Finally, well done to Ethan and his brother Nison. They are this week's shining stars for their great percussion skills!

Homework & Announcements:

  • Tomorrow is Easter Mass from 8-9am followed by Easter activities, parents are welcome to join!
  • Math packet 10.7
  • 10 minutes reading
  • Spelling test on Friday

March 27th,

Good afternoon,

Today we were busy all day with science investigating. Are our shadows longer in the morning or at noon? Students made their predictions and paired up to measure each other's shadows in the morning, around noon, and in the afternoon to see how long they were. We'll follow up on our observations on Thursday!

Homework & Reminders:

  • Tomorrow there will be a lemonade stand during ECA. Lemonade will be $10 if students have a cup, or $15 without a cup.
  • 10 minutes reading
  • Draw the moon
  • Review math from Khan Academy

March 22nd,

Hi everyone,

We were busy again with ITBS today, but we also celebrated Jean Wang's birthday. Happy birthday, Jean!

Homework & Reminders:

  • 10 minutes reading
  • Draw the moon (This will be a homework activity for 28 days so students can appreciate the lunar cycle!)
  • The Quarter 4 Newsletter is out!
  • Sports Day is tomorrow. Students need to wear their house shirts and shorts to school. Also, remember to bring your water bottles!
  • Parent-teacher meetings are next week. Parents should meet the school administration in the conference room at 3:30. From there you will be escorted to the classrooms.

I hope to see you all tomorrow for a fun-filled day!

March 21st,

Good afternoon!

This morning we learned about the moon in science class before working on bar graphs in math. After lunch, we continued our ITBS and went to the library. A very busy day!


  • 10 minutes reading
  • Math packet 10.3
  • Draw the moon (Students who can't see the moon can click here to see what the moon looks like.)

March 20th,

This morning we enjoyed our stations of the cross mass before making picture graphs in math class. After lunch we continued our ITBS testing. Grade 1 is trying really hard, well done everyone - keep your focus up!

Homework & Reminders:

  • 10 minutes reading
  • Packet 10.2
  • Khan Academy (There are plenty of assignments for students to review addition and subtraction)
  • Sports Day on Friday - get your house shirts ready!

Have a good evening!

March 16th,

Happy Friday everybody!

It was another busy day of learning today. This morning we began our new science unit, Objects in the Sky, and learned about the planets and moons of the Milky Way. We also practiced for the ITBS assessment and worked at our learning stations this afternoon.

And, during ECA time we celebrated St. Patrick's Day!

Get a good rest and plenty of sleep this weekend. We have a full week of ITBS assessments, so bring plenty of healthy snacks. Students will need a lot of energy and focus!


  • 10 minutes of reading
  • Math packet part 10.1
  • Review Addition and Subtraction on the Khan Academy

Have a fantastic weekend!

March 15th,

Good afternoon parents,

Quarter 4 has started with a bang! We all worked hard and were very productive in grade 1 today. In math we began chapter 10 on representing data, and learned about picture graphs. After lunch we worked individually at learning stations for our language and reading classes. The students are improving well on their independent work! We also began unit 5 of social studies on the past, present, and measuring time.

Also today, we practiced for the ITBS assessments. The ITBS a standardized assessment that all students from grade 1 upwards will take from March 19th - 22nd. These assessments will be sent to the United States for marking. We will receive these scores next month. Students should get a full night's sleep in order to best maintain focus as we will be testing morning and afternoon! Also, please bring a healthy snack every day as fuel for our grade 1 learners.

Other notices:

  • Please fill out and return the sports day form ASAP. It's important that we know who is coming to enjoy sports day!
  • Next week's mass will be Stations of the Cross. Students should practice the following for mass:

"Dear Jesus, you taught the women to care about their children. Help us to always care for the children of the world who live in conditions of poverty and war."

Finally, here are some photos of students focusing and working hard at their learning stations.

Have a good evening!

March 14th,

Hi everybody,

Exams are over now, and students did well! Students have taken their exams home with them. Please sign the exams and send them back to school. Today was the first day of quarter 4 and we were busy all day. Take a well deserved rest and enjoy your evening!


  • 10 minutes reading. (Please remember to fill out the reading log!)

March 8th,

Hi everyone,

We had another busy day of studying today. I'm proud of my grade 1 learners! Tomorrow is our reading & phonics exam, so be sure to go over your study guides one last time. Take a good rest and eat a healthy breakfast tomorrow.

Enjoy your evening everyone!

March 9th,

Happy Friday everybody!

We had another jam-packed day of studying and reviewing today. We will have our math and science exams on Monday morning, followed by our language and social studies exams on Tuesday. Please remember that Monday and Tuesday are half days. Students will go home at 11:15 on both days.

Homework is to read and review.

Have a great weekend!

March 6th,

Good afternoon!

Students continued with their exams today. We reviewed math, science and social studies for our exams next week. We also practiced reading with a partner. Keep up the hard work, everyone and please remember to bring your study guides everyday this week!


  • 10 mins reading
  • STUDY!

March 2nd,

Happy Friday parents and students!

We had a busy and productive day. Students did very well on their spelling tests this morning, I can tell they studied for them. Keep it up, everyone!

We started something called 'Daily Language Review' today. It's a short grammar and spelling review for students to complete everyday. This is in students' homework folders to finish this weekend.

In math class we practiced measuring time to the hour and half hour. After lunch in science class, we finished our seasons posters and began presenting them. Students stood at the front of class and spoke about the season they researched - it was fun!

Students practiced reading independently and with a partner in reading class, and in social studies we reviewed some key vocabulary and learned about getting information from graphic sources.


  • 10 minutes reading
  • Khan Academy / Math packet
  • Daily Language Packet (Finish up to Friday - students don't need to do the 'My Progress' chart)

We'll be reviewing for our core exams next week. Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

February 27th,

Hello everybody,

We had fun measuring things around school this morning! After lunch, we started making posters about the different seasons. Then, we had some delicious pizza and did show & tell :)


  • 10 minutes reading
  • Khan Academy
  • Begin math study guide
  • Some students have art homework to finish

Also, students took their exam schedules home today. Study hard everyone!

February 26th,

Welcome back, everyone!

I hope you had a wonderful vacation. Back at school this morning, we worked on our spellings for this week and practiced some measuring problems. In the afternoon, the students had their specialty classes.

At school tomorrow, there will be a pizza day during break time. There will be pizza and drink combos for sale for NT$50. Yummy!

Also, today students will be taking their study guides home. We will be reviewing the study guides in class starting next week, but students who wish to begin working on their study guides should start with math. You can also find the study guides here.

Homework today:

  • 10 minutes reading.
  • Work on math packet / Khan Academy

The spellings for this week are

Red group: Blue group

1. away 1. after

2. big 2. again

3. blue 3. any

4. can 4. ask

5. come 5. could

6. apple 6. apple

7. baby 7. baby

8. back 8. back

9. ball 9. ball

10. bear 10. bear

Have a great Monday evening!

February 15th,

Good morning everyone,

Yesterday's field trip was great fun! I wish you all a fantastic Chinese New Year with your families and look forward to seeing everyone again on Monday the 26th.


  • 10 minutes reading everyday (please keep track of your reading in the reading log)
  • Khan Academy math (I'll check this during the holiday and add more assignments if needed. Students can also start the "1st Grade Mission" which is available in the 1st grade section of the site.)
  • Math packet. Students without computer access can work on the problems in their math packets.
  • Past tense verbs (test on 2/26):

play -> played have -> had

eat -> ate see -> saw

go -> went drink -> drank

swim -> swam

I'll be staying in Kaohsiung for the New Year, so if there are any questions or concerns, please let me know.

Happy holidays!

February 13th,

Good afternoon parents and students,

This morning we spent our math class practicing how to measure objects. After lunch, we read a book about weather, and began filling out our weather charts. Then, we reviewed soft and hard c sounds in phonics and read a couple of short fiction stories.


  • 10 minutes of reading
  • Khan Academy for math
  • We will have a spelling test after CNY for these past tense verbs:

play -> played have -> had

eat -> ate see -> saw

go -> went drink -> drank

swim -> swam

Notice for parents:

Tomorrow morning we have mass before our field trip to the art museum. Students should wear regular uniform to school for mass and bring PE clothes to change into after mass. Thank you!

February 8th,

Hello everyone,

We had a busy day of learning today, including our personal narratives in writing class, measurement in math class, and a story followed by reviews some compound words in reading. We also made a cloud in a jar to observe the water cycle processes in science class. We also practiced our dancing and rehersals for our Chinese New Year show tomorrow. I'm excited for a great show!


  • 10 minutes reading
  • C.9 Math Packet p.70
  • Study for spelling test tomorrow

Notice for parents.

I have set up an account for your child on the Khan Academy. The Khan Academy is a personalized learning platform featuring videos and practices exercises for common core aligned content. Best of all, it's 100% free! You can learn more in this TED talk.

Through the Khan Academy, I will be assigning practice exercises as homework to supplement our math classes. This homework is not mandatory, but I'll encourage all students to practice their math as much as they can. Students will receive extra Dojo points for doing this homework!

There are videos to guide your child if they get stuck on a problem, and since these videos are in English with subtitles, they're also a great way for students to practice their listening and reading comprehension language skills.

Please check your email for login information.

Let me know if you have any questions. Have a great evening!

February 7th,

Good evening!

Today we opened up a new chapter in math - measurement! We also practiced punctuation and r blends in our ELA and reading classes. In science we began our unit on weather by making a water cycle in a bag. We will check in and observe the processes of evaporation, condensation and precipitation everyday :)

There's only reading homework tonight - enjoy your evening.

I hope to see you all for the New Year show on Friday!

February 6th,

Good afternoon everybody,

Today students had their chapter 8 math test, and they all did very well! After lunch we learned about holidays in social studies and finished up our natural resources unit.

I also have a couple of announcements today:

1. On Wednesday, February 14th grades 1-3 will be going on a field trip to the Art Museum. Students will take home permission forms today. Please fill these in and return them by Friday.

2. As the weather begins to warm up, students will be outside during PE class more often. Mr. McKeen has requested that students bring hats to wear during PE class. Please note, hats should be worn during outside PE classes only.

Homework: 10 minutes reading.

Have a fantastic evening!

February 2nd,

Happy Friday!

This morning we learned some spelling rules for plural nouns before practicing addition and subtraction in math class. In the afternoon we worked on soft and hard sounds for letters c and g, and then learned about reducing, reusing and recycling.

Homework is:

  • 10 minutes reading
  • Math packet p.167-168

On Monday we will have a spelling test for these five past tense verbs: played, ate, went, swam, had.

On Tuesday we will have a Chapter 8 math test. Please review over the weekend!

The weather is a little cold and the air isn't great. Wrap up warm and wear a mask outside, I'll see you next week!

February 1st,

Good afternoon and happy first of the month!

As usual, we had a very busy Thursday. We added to our personal narratives and worked on some word problems this morning. In the afternoon, we learned about ways to reduce our waste in science class. We also did some group work for the story we're reading, 'The Tree'.

Home work is 10 minutes reading, math packet p.165-166. Remember our spelling test tomorrow. The words are: told, night, pretty, window, thought, better, turned, saw.

Have a great evening!

January 30th,

Hi everyone,

Today we practiced making ten to add - please finish the math packet p.161-162 for homework. In the afternoon, we did show and tell, and the students chose a country to learn about its culture.

Homework is reading 10 minutes and math packet p161-162.

The spellings for Friday are: told, night, pretty, window, thought, better, turned, saw

Have a good evening!

January 26th,

Happy Friday!

We were very productive today! We had our spelling test and worked on modeling two digit addition in math.

After lunch we did a science experiment with tomatoes on fresh water vs. salt water. Then, we ate the tomatoes :P

We started our group mini-projects in reading, and learned more about culture.

It's going to be a beautiful Saturday, enjoy your weekend!


  • 10 minutes reading
  • Math packet p.159-160
  • Bring something for show and tell on Monday

January 25th,

Hello parents and students,

Thursdays are our busiest day of the week! We got a lot done today, rest well at home!


  • 10 minutes reading
  • Math Packet p.157-158

Remember we have a spelling test tomorrow! Have a great evening :)

p.s. we had a visitor to the class today!

p.p.s yesterday we worked on our empathy and positivity as a class - we learned the importance of being bucket fillers, not bucket dippers. Each student made a 'bucket' to be filled with positive messages :)

January 22nd,

Good afternoon everybody,

I hope you all had a great weekend! We kicked off our learning this week by looking at the subject-verb-object sentence structure in writing class. In math class, the students worked on their two-digit addition and subtraction. In the afternoon they had specialty classes and practiced for our Chinese New Year festival!

The homework today is to finish p.319-320 of the math book and correct the wrong answers. Students may also start their chapter 8 packets p.151 -152.

We didn't have time to write our assignment books today, but this week's spellings are: noisy, around, bedtime, inside, backpack, please, after, before, near and special. As usual, we'll have a spelling test on Friday!

Have a pleasant evening :)

January 19th

Happy Friday everyone!

After our spelling test, we worked on our plural possessives today in reading class. In math we practiced adding to make the sum, and subtracting to find the difference. After lunch, in science class we did some observations of some soil and rock samples and wrote down the different properties we noticed. And finally, we practiced our letter writing to write some goodbye letters to Henry Chuang, who is moving to Canada.

Homework for the weekend is to read!

January 17th

Hello parents and students,

It was great to see my students wearing their costumes for 100 days of school today - we had some great outfits!

We talked about opposites today, and practiced our descriptive writing in writing class. In math we reviewed for our Chapter 7 quiz tomorrow - please review at home tonight!

In science we learned about rocks and other natural resources, and we practiced our prepositions in reading class.

For homework, please write your spellings 3 times - don't forget we have a spelling test on Friday! Also, read for 10 minutes and review for the math quiz tomorrow.

Finally, well done to Lisa, Jean and Phoebe for attending school 100 days in a row - fantastic!

Good afternoon,

We practiced making 10 less and 10 more in math class today, and tomorrow we will review before our chapter 7 quiz on Thursday. In science class we learned what soil is made of. And in social studies we shared our different cultures.

The homework for today is ten minutes of reading and to finish the math packet. Don't forget tomorrow's costume competition - dress up as something 100 days or 100 years old!

See you tomorrow!

Happy Monday everyone!

Today we wrote our first draft of descriptive writing about one thing we love. After writing class we practiced counting by tens in math class. Please review this at home and finish the packet - we'll have a chapter 7 quiz on Thursday!

After lunch the students had their specialty classes, art and music and then we had a small birthday celebration for Venus. Happy birthday, Venus!

Today's homework is 10 minutes of reading and math packet p.145-146.

The words for Friday's spelling test are:

because, father, says, told, fireman, sunshine, sailboat ,apple

Have a good evening!

January 12th

Good afternoon parents and students,

Today we had our first spelling test of the new semester, most students did very well! In math we worked on problem solving by comparing numbers. In science we finished writing up our oil spill experiment from Thursday. In reading class we practiced our short vowel sounds, and in social studies we reviewed transportation.

The reading homework is to read for 10 minutes, and start p.4-5 of the reading packet. For math, the homework is p.143-144 of the packet.

Next, a notice from the activities team:

The Activities Committee is happy to announce our activity for the 100th Day of School! There are three ways we’d like to celebrate, along with three ways for students/classes to win prizes.

  1. 100 Days Old/100 Years Old Costume Contest

Students and staff are encouraged to dress up as a 100 Day Old Person, or a 100 Year Old Person.

Prizes will be awarded to the Best 100 Year Old and the Best 100 Day Old costume.

2. Perfect Attendance

Certificates and prizes will be handed out to students and staff who haven’t missed a day of school up to the 100th Day.

3. Collect 100 competition.

Class teams compete to collect 100 objects. The theme for grade 1 is round/sphere shaped.

Have a great weekend!

January 10th

Hi everyone,

We had a fun day today! In math, we practiced comparing numbers to find out which is fewer. In science we talked about natural resources, and we did some paired reading of Little Rabbit's Tale. We also visited the library today!

Homework today is: 1.) 10 minutes of reading. 2.) P.2 of the reading packet (in their homework folders).

Have a good evening, and remember we have a spelling test on Friday!

January 8th

Good afternoon parents and students!

In writing class today we started to write about things about things we love. In math class we worked on how to compare numbers. And in reading class we finished reading Little Rabbit's Tale.

Today's homework is ten minutes of reading. Students can choose any suitable book to read. (Please fill out the reading log in their homework folders.)

Congratulations to Jean, Nickie, Nicky, Phoebe, Lisa and Micah on getting certificates of honor - keep up the good work!

I look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow at the parent-teacher meeting at 3:30pm!

Happy Friday, Parents and Students!

I've enjoyed getting to know my new students this week. In writing class today we began to learn about descriptive writing by using adjectives to talk about fruit. In math class we reviewed how to model, read and write tens and ones with math bingo. In science we reviewed environments, shelters and assembled food chains. In reading class we started Little Rabbit's Tale and talked about cause and effect. And finally, in Social Studies we practiced identifying the main idea and details from different texts.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone - homework will begin next week!

Good afternoon parents and students!

In writing class today we started to write about things about things we love. In math class we worked on how to compare numbers. And in reading class we finished reading Little Rabbit's Tale.

Today's homework is ten minutes of reading. (Please fill out the reading log in their homework folders.)

Congratulations to Jean, Nickie, Nicky, Phoebe, Lisa and Micah on getting certificates of honor - keep up the good work!

I look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow at the parent-teacher meeting at 3:30pm.

January 3rd, 2018

Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome back to school for the second semester! I hope you had a fantastic Christmas break! My name is Mr. Harris. I am very excited to meet all of you and build a vibrant and supportive community of productive young learners.

I have been an educator since 2010, teaching in South Korea, Canada, and here in Taiwan. I like my classroom to be student-centered, with a focus on positivity, empathy and teamwork. I like to encourage my students to take responsibility for their own learning, and to help each other achieve their goals.

As with the beginning of the school year, students need some resources to help maximize their learning. Please ensure students have the following supplies:

  • A pencil case with lead pencils, an eraser, a ruler, a sharpener, crayons, markers, color pencils, scissors and glue
  • Tissues
  • English name stickers
  • Headphones for IT class
  • A water bottle
  • Notebooks



The school handbook contains several rules and policies. Parents, please take the time to review the handbook with your child so that both you and your child are aware of the school policies. Some key items to remember are:

  • Students are required to wear the full school uniform to school on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, in addition to Mass Celebration Days. DISK will be enforcing a stricter dress code this year and as such students are expected to arrive at school in clean and tidy uniforms that are worn properly throughout the day.

  • Wednesday students may come to school in their P.E. uniforms and on Fridays they may wear their Sports Day shirts with P.E. bottoms. If Mass or another special celebration day is on Wednesday or Friday student should come to school in their formal uniforms. They will be allowed to change into their sport uniform after the celebration is complete.
  • Grade 1 students will be have P.E. class on Wednesday and Friday each week. Students will need to come to school wearing their P.E. uniforms and have an extra P.E. shirt to change into after class. It is also beneficial for students to bring a small towel to dry off after exercising.
  • Students may come to school in their PE uniforms on Wednesdays, and Sports day T-shirts on Fridays except on special occasions, which will be announced beforehand.

  • On the second Friday of each month students may wear personal clothing as long as it is in good taste and does not show any inappropriate images. Students who are deemed as dressing inappropriately will be given a P.E. uniform to change into and sent home with a corresponding bill.
  • Students must be inside their classrooms and ready to begin at 8:00 sharp and dismissed at 3:30 everyday.

The class blog will continue: and will be used to keep you updated about school life and to share photos and updates of class activities. I will also post homework and reminders on the blog. Please check it daily if possible!

The new semester will be filled with fun, growth and increasing student responsibilities. I sincerely hope that your child will be excited to come to class, and to share his or her daily activities and experiences with you at home. In addition to teacher-student communication, I will also be communicating with you through email and the classroom blog. Clear and open communication between teacher and parent will help set your child up for success.

If you ever have any comments, questions or concerns, I would love to hear from you! Please write me an email or write to me in the communication book.

2018 is a new year which brings a fresh start. Let’s work together to build a class of super scholars!


Mr. Ben Harris

Grade 1 Homeroom Teacher

December 15

Hi everyone. That was an awesome Christmas program! Congratulations kids for doing a great job!

I would also like to say thank you dear parents for the support you have shown, for all the kindness and words of gratitude you have given, it was such an opportunity working with all of you.

Starting on January 03, 2018, Mr. Ben Harris will be the new homeroom teacher of Grade 1. I will still be around but in the ELL program.

A happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year to everyone. Enjoy your vacation kids!

Thank you,



Good afternoon all.

All tests are done today. The kids did great in all the subjects. Tomorrow and on Thursday, whole day classes. Friday, Dec.15 Christmas program starts at 9am. For the kid's action song they will wear any red clothes.

The G1 will have a simple classroom pizza party tomorrow, afternoon snack time. After snack, they will exchange gift with their (secret Santa-classmate) they can give any present they would choose. The purpose of exchanging gift is to make the students value and appreciate the importance and joy of sharing and have fun as well.

Thank you.


Good afternoon.

The kids can wear their red clothes tomorrow when they come to school, if not they will bring it and just change in the classroom. Christmas program will start at 9am tomorrow, everyone's invited. They don't need to bring their school things anymore.

Thank you.

Dec. 08

Hi everyone.

On Friday, December 15 (Christmas presentation) instead of red tights kids can just wear RED t-shirt / long sleeve shirt / blouse / dress as top and any color of pants / skirt.

Tests for Math and Science will be on Monday. Reading, Language and Social Studies on Tuesday. Half day classes only.

The kids brought all their books home already, please guide them in reviewing their lessons.

Test paper in Art was given today.

Today's review:

  • Math - related fact, write the missing number , equal and not equal
  • Language - Common nouns, verbs
  • Social Studies - jobs and tools
  • Reading - oa-ow words (pictionary)

Don't forget to bring your pencils, erasers and healthy snacks on Monday.

Have a nice weekend to all.

Dec. 06

Good afternoon.

Kids had test in P.E. Today.

Tests tomorrow - Christian Living and Chinese subjects.

Kids can keep the textbooks at home to review on. They will bring them back after all the tests are done.

Today's review:

  • Math - Addition and subtraction word problems, related family facts
  • Language - Nouns ( common and proper)
  • Science - plant parts and needs
  • Reading - sequence story events

Don't forget to bring healthy snacks, pencils and erasers everyday.

Thank you.

Dec. 05

Good afternoon.

Kids will wear overall red tights on December 15, Christmas party. The same type as the black one they used in the student showcase.

Students had test in Health and Computer today.

Today's lessons / review:

  • Math - solving addition and identifying addition and subtraction sentence.
  • Science - animal and plant food chain
  • Social Studies - vocabulary words (Looking at Our World -Ch 3)

Kids brought their activity folders home today as well as their Math, Science, Reading and Social Studies textbooks as reference for their review. The print out reviewers don't need to be returned.

Test tomorrow: December 6 - P.E.

Thank you.


Good afternoon Parents, I emailed the study guides to you. They are also posted here on the blog. I also gave printout to the kids. Please check their poly pocket.

Also in their poly pocket is the letter from the treasurer's office for the tuition fees.

Last Friday's field trip was great and fun. The children enjoyed seeing the different animals as well as the macaw, pig and elephant shows. Please check some pictures below. I hope the children returned the Health Card soon as they came home. I gave it back before dismissal.

Today, we reviewed addition sentence in Math, Linking Verbs in Language and words with oa-ow sounds in Reading.

Tomorrow's tests will be Health and Computer subjects.

Kids, don't forget to bring your pencils, erasers and healthy snacks. Please leave your chocolates, candies and sweets at home. Review your lessons too.

Thank you.

  1. Nov.30

Hi everyone.

I hope you're ready for the field trip tomorrow. Please don't forget to bring the things I listed below, especially your health card.

Departure time is 8:15 am . Return time is 3:15 pm

Students will bring the following:

  • Health Card - Please put in an envelope or plastic with the student's name in English.
  • Easy to carry backpack
  • Water bottle
  • Cap / hat / sweater/ extra t-shirt / shorts / pants
  • Sunscreen
  • Mosquito spray (apply before)
  • Healthy snacks (no chocolates and candies)
  • Personal medicines
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Wet tissue

Homework - Math L 6.9 Tens and ones

Thank you.


Good afternoon.

Field trip to Wanpi World Safari Zoo is on Friday, December 01, 2017. Departure time is 8:15 am Return time is 3:15 pm. Transportation - by bus. Pack lunch will be provided.

Students will bring the following:

  • Health Card - Please put in an envelope or plastic with the student's name in English.
  • Easy to carry backpack
  • Water bottle
  • Cap / hat / sweater/ extra t-shirt / shorts / pants
  • Sunscreen
  • Mosquito spray (apply before)
  • Healthy snacks (no chocolates and candies)
  • Personal medicines
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Wet tissue

If your child will not join the field trip, she/he still has to come to school otherwise please inform the office for the absence.

Study Guides for Music, Art and Computer subjects were already given to the students.

Exam Schedule for Special Subjects:

  • December 4 - Music
  • December 5 - Health and Computer
  • December 6 - P.E.
  • December 7 - Christian Living and Chinese
  • December 11- Math and Science
  • December 12 - Social Studies, Language and Reading

Thank you.


Good afternoon.

May I follow up the Field trip permission slip for those who haven't submitted yet. Please send it thru your kids tomorrow. We need to know the exact number of students joining.

Unit test in Language on Wednesday. We reviewed verbs and nouns today. In Math, we had hands on exercise on tens and ones. In Reading, we learned the vocabulary words of Lesson 20- The Rabbit's Tale.

Thank you.

Nov. 23

Thank you everyone for your contribution and for joining the school's Thanksgiving day celebration. The kids enjoyed it too, especially the healthy food and the buying and reading books.

No classes tomorrow Thanksgiving holiday. Enjoy your long weekend kids!

Check some pictures below.

Nov. 22

Hi everyone. Please read the school newsletter for the book fair tomorrow.

Dear Parents,

Greetings! DISK will hold a BOOK FAIR on the 23rd of November, 2017. Caves Books Company is giving 15% off for all the books/ items. The school is also selling old textbooks.

In connection with this activity, every class has their WISH BOX which means students wish to have books in their classroom library (books will be kept in their classroom), we encourage parents to support this activity.

The Book Fair will start at 8:00 am - 4:30 pm. Since we have regular class that day, the students can only come during their scheduled time. However, if parents cannot come or stay after the Thanksgiving lunch you are also welcome to our book fair any time of the day. Please note that in the morning there is a schedule for invited schools/universities. It’s a whole day affair!

Please check the link below for the price of the books so that you have an idea how much money you can give to your child if you cannot come.

In addition, tomorrow is still a whole day class, it means after the Thanksgiving lunch classes will resume at 1pm.

Friday, Nov.24 is a Thanksgiving holiday so no classes.

Dear Parents, please keep on helping us in reminding the kids to play safe during recess time and lunch break to avoid potential injuries. Dangerous games such as ghost tagging, running and jumping from the concrete benches in the covered area are prohibited.

Thank you for your continued support.

Nov. 21

Good afternoon.

Just to follow up the Thanksgiving potluck lunch form for those who haven't submitted yet, please send it thru the kids.

Today, the kids learned how to make tens and ones in Math. We also reviewed animal classification, animal and plant needs in Science, for the unit test on Thursday. We learned about environment in Social Studies. I gave them reviewer in animal classification.

Spelling test - week 16 Wednesday, Nov.22. Sight words and short “ a” pattern words.

1. my

2. ant


4. water

5. bad

6. bat

7. glad

8. mad

Thank you.

Nov. 20

Good day everyone.

Field trip letter was given today, please send the permission slip back on Thursday, Nov. May I follow up the Thanksgiving potluck lunch form for those who haven't submitted yet, please send it thru the kids.

On Thursday, Nov.23 will be Book Fair day. Students have schedule to buy books . Minimum book price starts from 200NT$. They can bring money if they wish to buy books. They can buy as many as they like. Please put the money in an envelope so they won't loose it.

Kids learned about tens and ones in Math today. And they learned about personal pronoun I and me in ELA.


Math - tens and ones (identify, write and draw)

Language - write short sentences using pronoun I and me.

Thank you.

Nov. 17

Good afternoon. Thank you everyone especially dear parents for all the support. Kids, you were awesome today, I'm so proud of you all! I know you will do the same in Christmas! We will start practicing next week.


  • Science - plant needs
  • Math - counting by tens

Have a great weekend. See you on Monday.

Check some of your pictures below.

Thank you.

Nov. 16

Good afternoon everyone.

I'm posting again the attire of the kids for their presentation tomorrow, Nov. 17. Please put it in a paper or plastic bag they will just change after the class. Tomorrow is P. E uniform day. The program will start at 2:40 pm. Parents, you are most welcome to join us.


Social Studies - label the continents

Reading - Synonyms and antonyms

Lessons today:

  • Math - unit test
  • Science - How are plants different
  • Reading - synonyms and antonyms
  • Language - singular and plural nouns
  • Social Studies - continents and oceans

Spelling test - tomorrow, Nov.17 - Sight words and -ell family words

1. no

2. bell

3. could

4. people

5. tell

6. fell

7. sell

8. well

Thank you.


Good afternoon all. On November 23, Thursday the school community will celebrate Thanksgiving, parents and family are invited please check the Thanksgiving Lunch Letter for more details , I put it in their poly pocket.

Lessons today:

  • Social Studies - land and water forms, continents and oceans
  • Math - Count and model numbers
  • Science - People helping plants

Homework: For review , answer pages 225-227 Math book. Unit test on Thursday, Nov.16.

Science - animal classification (paste and color) you can submit whenever you are finished.

Spelling test tomorrow - week 15 list. Sight words and -en family words

1. write

2. go

3. see

4. number

5. men

6. hen

7. pen

8. ten

Thank you.

Nov. 13

Hi everyone.

Student showcase on Friday, Nov. 17 will start at 2:40 pm at the gym. Student will wear all black tights like the picture shown. Kids, please keep practicing your lines.

Homework : please check their poly pocket for print out

Math - Equal and not equal

Language - Using nouns

Thank you.


Good afternoon everyone.

You did a great job kids today in the community service activity. Thank you for participating.

Please continue memorizing your part for the student showcase.

For those who still don't have, don't forget to bring your apron or old shirt for Art on Monday. Put them in a ziplock or plastic bag so you could leave them in the classroom after using.

Have a nice weekend everyone.

Thank you.


Hi everyone.

It's casual Friday tomorrow, so kids you can wear you favorite clothes but don't forget to wear or bring your old clothes and shoes for the planting activity in the morning.


Math - L5.8 Ways to make numbers to 20

Social Studies - Draw 3 land and 3 water forms and write their names.

(e.g. mountain, hill, island) ( river, lake, ocean)

Spelling test list - week 14, Nov.10 Sight words and -ed family words

1. has

2. look

3. two

4. more

5. red

6. bed

7. fed

8. sled

Today's lesson:

  • Math-Ways to make numbers to 20
  • Reading - sequence story events ( Tomas Rivera), Phonics-short vowel e
  • Language - Identifying nouns
  • Social Studies - Land and water forms.

Thank you.


Hi everyone.

Just to remind that on Friday kids can wear their old clothes and shoes in coming to school. They will just change to their school uniform after the activity.

Homework: Math - L5.7 Choose the operation Language - Nouns

Thank you.


Good afternoon all.

On Friday, November 10 will be the school's Community Service Day. Grade 1 will plant small shrubs. Please let them wear their old clothes and put their school uniform in a plastic or paper bag, they will just change once the activity's done. Info letter about was also given please check the student's poly pocket.

Quiz tomorrow in Math. Related family fact. I gave them reviewer. You can also review pp190-195. Math book.

Spelling test list Week 14 - Wednesday, Nov. 08 . Spelling list print out given to the students.

Sight words and -et family words

1. like

2. him

3. into

4. time

5. pet

6. get

7. wet

8. let

Homework: Science - Identify animal coverings.

Lessons today:

Math - use related fact exercises. Write the missing number.L5.6

Science - Ways to group animals, animal movement and covering.

Social Studies - parts of a map

Please continue helping the kids memorizing their part for Nov.17.

They will wear like this on Nov.17 ( black cover all tights) Please check the picture below.

Kids, don't forget to bring your healthy snacks, glue , eraser and pencils everyday.

Thank you.


Good afternoon.

Kids, keep on practicing/memorizing your part for the student showcase as well as the song.

Don't forget to bring your extra t-shirt or apron for Art on Monday to protect your uniforms from paint and colors.

Homework: Math - Identify related facts Social Studies - Locating places from the map

Lessons today:

  • Math - related facts exercises and use addition to check subtraction p197
  • Science - Animal classification. mammals, insects, reptiles and amphibians
  • Reading - Read the story and answered comprehension questions : Tomas Rivera
  • Language - spelling test. Use singular subject and verb
  • Social Studies - maps and globe and finding places on a map

See you on Monday. Don't forget your healthy snacks, pencils and erasers. Enjoy your weekend.

Ms. Faith

Nov. 02

Good afternoon.

  • Please continue helping the students to memorize their part for the student showcase.
  • Today's lesson:

Math - identify related facts today in Math.p193.

Language - we learned to identify and use singular subject and verbs.

Science - Animal classification

Reading - phonics, words in context short 'u' words

Social Studies - directions on a map

Spelling test tomorrow: Nov. 03 wk 13 . Sight words and -uck family words

1. some

2. her

3. would

4. make

5. duck

6. luck

7. suck

8. stuck

  • Kids, don't forget to bring your healthy snacks, pencils and erasers everyday.

See you tomorrow.

Nov. 01

Good afternoon everyone.

  • We had All Saints Day Mass today. Thank you all for the school supplies the kids brought for the Santimen Girls Town Institute.
  • Lessons today:

Math - reported fact family exercises

Reading - Lesson 19 vocabulary. Things a writer uses

Language - spelling test. Present and past linking verbs exercises

Social Studies - Ch3 Looking at our world-vocabulary

Oct. 30

Good afternoon all.

  • Students had their flu shots today. They were given a pink form please check their polypocket.
  • The kids did well in their presentation today. I also gave them another piece to memorize for Nov.17 showcase please help them to remember their lines.
  • Homework: Math - pages 177-179 Language - linking verbs. ( printed out)
  • Advance study: Spelling list wk 13 Wednesday, Nov.01

Sight words and -un family words

1. then

2. them

3. these

4. so

5. sun

6. run

7. fun

8. bun

  • As mentioned in the parent-teacher meeting, the kids are required to bring an apron or extra shirt for their Art class to protect their uniforms from colors and paint.

Thank you.

Oct. 27

Hi everyone.

  • Thank you all for actively participating in the halloween celebration. Our kids had fun and indeed looked scary and cute as well !
  • School newsletter was given please check their poly pocket.
  • Today's lesson:

Language - Spelling test. Linking verb vs action verbs.

Math - Break apart to subtract

Reading - Using comma on dates

Science - Caring for pets, answering book exercises.

Kids, don't forget to bring your healthy snacks , pencils and erasers everyday.

Have a nice weekend everyone.


Good afternoon everyone.

  • Q1 Report card given today, please check the kid's poly pocket
  • Spelling test tomorrow wk12 Friday list.
  • For the parade tomorrow afternoon, you can put the kids costume in a plastic or paper bag if you wish them to change in the classroom before the parade starts . If not , then they can come to school wearing it.

Thank you.

Oct. 25

Good afternoon.

  • For the costume parade on Friday afternoon, I just want to mention that you can put the kids costume in a plastic or paper bag if you wish them to change in the classroom before the parade starts . They can start bringing their costumes tomorrow . If not , then they can come to school wearing it.
  • Homework: Reading (word search)
  • Today's lessons:

Reading - Holidays

Math - answered mid-chapter exercises, use 10 to subtract.

Language - Spelling test on week 12 list, past tense verbs.

  • We also had practice for our presentation on Monday, please continue helping the students in memorizing their part.

Thank you.

Oct. 24

Good afternoon all.

  • The printout I gave to the students yesterday regarding their part on our class presentation on Monday is not to be returned, they will keep it and need to memorize it. Please guide them.
  • Spelling test tomorrow on week 12 list.
  • Homework: (printouts given) please check their poly pockets.

Science - What do animals need?

Math - L4.3

  • Today's lessons:

Social Studies - Jobs people do, vocabulary and chart reading

Math - think ,use and draw addition fact to subtract p161

Science - naming and coloring animals, basic needs of animals

Oct. 23

Good day everyone.

  • I would like to remind about the All Saints Day Costume Parade and Competition on October 27, Friday at 1:45pm.
      1. Theme: Famous Historical Figures. Students should dress appropriately for the theme to be qualified for the competition and win some prizes. ‘Creatures of light’ are expected, ie:, Albert Einstein, Angels, Superman, Fairies, The Queen , etc. or even Biblical figures like Moses, Abraham, King Herod and so on.
      2. Students are not to bring weapons, vampire blood, horror-style costumes or props. DISK philosophy is founded on the celebration of life; not death.
  • Class presentation for Studiousness as a virtue will be on Monday, please guide the students in memorizing their part.
  • Today's Lessons:

Math - think addition to subtract L 4.2

Language - spelling sight words and writing present tense verbs.

Reading - Identify and arrange Months of the year and days of the week.

  • Advance study: Spelling list for Wednesday, Oct.25 week 12

Sight words and -ut family words

1. their

2. if

3. will

4. up

5. cut

6. nut

7. hut

8. shut

Kids, don't forget to bring your healthy snacks and water bottle, pencils and erasers everyday.

Thank you

Oct. 20

Good afternoon all.

  • For those who haven't given them yet please send the signed Q1 test papers back thru the kids.
  • Today lessons:

Language - Spelling test. Present tense action verbs.

Homework: Find and color the present tense verbs.

Reading - Lesson 19 vocabulary.

Math - Count back.

Homework: L 4.1

Science - What do animals need?

Homework: Do page 92

Thank you and a nice weekend to all.


Good afternoon dear Parents.

Here are the details of the Parent-Teachers Meeting on Oct.17, for the sake of those who were not able to attend. I also sent this to your email.

  • Scope review of Core and specialty subjects for Quarter 1 lessons and activities. Quarter 2 lesson coverage and upcoming events.
  • All Saints Day Costume Parade and Competition - October 27. 1:00pm. The theme is "Historical heroes or Biblical Figures" In order for the kids to be qualified for the competition and win some prizes, the costume should be inline with the theme. May I encourage everyone to dress your kids according to the theme so they can join the competition. Using violent or very scary accessories e.g. axe, swords, fake blood, very scary masks etc. are not allowed.
  • Students showcase presentation - November 17.
  • Written exercises and activities. Starting this second quarter written exercises of the students will be kept in their subject folders in the classroom for filing, they will bring their folders home once a month for the parents to see.
  • Spelling lists for each week are on the blog. As well as lesson guides per subject.
  • Please send an extra t-shirt especially for those who sweat heavily so they could change their shirt, as the kids love to play during recess time and lunch break. They can keep it in the classroom please just put it in a ziplock bag.
  • Healthy snacks - morning and afternoon snacks for them to be more energetic, chocolates, candies and other sweets are not allowed.
  • Pencils and erasers - please send regular pencils the thin one not the one for starter or kinder use. It's easier for the student to use and improve their writing skill if they have proper writing tools.
  • Blog site and poly pocket - please check the blog site for updates, homework, and announcements. I use the poly pocket for printouts please check it regularly.

Thank you for your cooperation.

  • Today's Lesson:

Social Studies - reasons why families save money. chart reading.

Homework: Draw things you need (spending) and want (saving)

Math - chapter 3 review. addition fact

Science - List and Classify living and non-living things.

Reading - Answer comprehension questions. Jack and the beanstalk. Phonics.

Homework: Do pages 28-29 Phonics book.

Language - present tense action verbs.

Homework: Spelling test tomorrow. Study Spelling list week 11 Friday Oct.20

Sight words and -ock family words

1. which

2. she

3. do

4. how

5. sock

6. rock

7. block

8. clock

  • Some of the Q1 final test papers still do not have parent's signature. Please sign and send them back thru the kids.

Thank you.



Good day everyone.

  • Just to remind about the flu shot form ( blue color) please fill out and send thru the kids.
  • Lessons today:
  1. ELA - spelling (wk11-1), identifying verbs.
  2. Math - use addition strategies, solve words problems. p141
  3. Science - Identify and classify living and non-living things
  4. Reading - Read and watch Jack and the beanstalk + vocabulary.
    • Homework: Science - living and non-living Reading - sequence the story Jack and the beanstalk

Thank you.

Oct. 17

Hi everyone. Thank you dear parents for attending the meeting and for your continued cooperation.

  • Please check the student's poly pocket for the Q1 Test paper in Christian Living, homework in Math and spelling list for week 11 and 12.
  • It's Students Council Spirit Day tomorrow, kids will wear white, blue or red t-shirt with their P.E shorts or jogging pants.
  • Today's lessons:

Math - Add 3 numbers hands on book exercises p139 Homework L3.11

Science - What are living and non-living things? p83

Social Studies - Spending and Saving p68

    • Advance study: Week 11 Spelling words for tomorrow Wednesday, Oct.18

Sight words and -ob family words

1. there

2. use

3. an

4. each

5. job

6. mob

7. cob

8. rob

Oct. 16

Good afternoon all. Welcome to the second quarter kids! Looking forward for an eventful and wonderful quarter!

  • All Q1 core subjects test papers given today. Art test paper given last Friday.
  • I have given a blue form to students , it's for flu shot. Please fill it out and send it back on or before Friday, October 20.
  • For those who still have textbooks in the house, please bring them all back to school tomorrow.
  • Schedule for Parent-Teacher meeting tomorrow, October 17 at 3:30 pm.
  • Lessons tackled today:
  1. Adding 3 numbers in Math.
  2. In Reading, we read, spelled and wrote words ending in ng-nk
  3. Action words and using action verbs in Language.
  • Advance study: Week 11 Spelling words for Wednesday, Oct.18

Sight words and -ob family words

1. there

2. use

3. an

4. each

5. job

6. mob

7. cob

8. rob

  • Don't forget to bring your healthy snacks , water bottle, pencils , erasers and your poly pocket everyday.

Thank you.


Good morning everyone.

The kids did great in their Math and Social Studies test today. Tomorrow , Oct.13 will be Reading and Science tests. Classes will be half day. Dismissal time is also 11:15 am. I't's casual Friday tomorrow so you can wear your casual clothes.

Thank you.

Oct. 11

A nice Wednesday to all.

Quarter 1 final test in Language is finished today. Good job kids! Today, we continued with the review in Math, Science, Reading and Social Studies. Tomorrow's tests will be Math and Social Studies. Classes will be half day only. Dismissal time is 11:15 am. The same schedule on Friday. Please don't forget to bring your healthy snacks , pencils and erasers.

Thank you.

Oct. 09

Good afternoon everyone. I hope you are enjoying your holidays.

Here's your upcoming test schedule again:

October 11, Wednesday - test in Language ( whole day classes)

October 12, Thursday - Tests in Math and Social Studies (half day classes, dismissal time 11:15 am.)

October 13, Friday - tests in Science and Reading (half day classes, dismissal time 11:15 am.)

Please do not forget to bring your healthy snacks , your pencils and erasers too.

Keep reviewing and be ready for the Language test. See you on Wednesday kids!

Ms. Faith

October 03

  • Tomorrow, Wednesday Oct. 4 is holiday.
  • Next Exam schedule : October 05, Thursday - Christian Living and Chinese
  • Parents, please check the study guides on your email especially for those who cannot view them here.
  • Kids brought their books home as a review reference . They can also log on to their online books. They can bring them back when the tests are over. I have given additional review printouts please check their poly pockets. They are not homework so they do not need to bring the review materials back. They will use them as an additional practice at home.
  • Please guide the kids to log on to their Math book account I sent them some animated exercises on addition and subtraction strategies. They can watch, practice and learn.
  • Today's Review:

Math - add and subtract using learned strategies.

Science - 5 Senses and unit 1 vocabulary

Social Studies - Ch 1 vocabulary

  • Please do not forget to bring your pencils and erasers and a healthy snack so that you will have enough energy and be able to concentrate well during the review and especially in the exams.

Thank you and enjoy your mid-week holiday and don't forget to go over your lessons in preparation of your tests.


October 02

Happy Monday everyone.

  • Don't forget to go over your lessons because tomorrow October 03, Tuesday you will have test in Health and Computer.
  • Study Guides for Math, Science, ELA, Reading and Social Studies were given today plus additional review printout please check the kid's poly pocket. I also posted them here please check the Study Guide page.
  • We reviewed the following today:

Math - adding and subtracting using pictures.

ELA - naming and telling part of a sentence and identifying complete sentence.

Reading - vocabulary words on p36 and read and discussed the story "When Grandpa was a boy".

  • Please don't forget to bring your healthy snacks , pencils and erasers everyday. Sleep well and be ready for your tests tomorrow. Goodluck!

Ms. Faith

Sept. 29

Good afternoon.

  • These are the schedule for Tests next week.

October 02, Monday - Art and Music

October 03, Tuesday - Health and Computer

October 05, Thursday - Christian Living and Chinese

  • Gr. 1 had P.E. test today with Mr. McKeen.
  • Today in Social Studies , we learned about market and the things we can buy at the market .
  • Math - Make a 10 to add and use make a 10 to add hands on book exercises.
  • Science - Dr. Tsui's designs. P75
  • Reading - L18 Where does food come from and it's vocabulary.
  • Language - we learned to read, spell and do action verbs.

Have a nice weekend everyone! Kids, don't forget to review your lessons for next week's test.

Sept. 28

Good afternoon everyone.

  • Thank you all for the heart warming Teachers Day greetings , notes and presents.
  • I put a black box inside the bags of the kids, its a token from the school for you parents. Please check it.
  • Just to remind you that tomorrow is the 1st Quarter test for P.E.

Sept. 27

Good afternoon everyone.

  • Just to remind that tomorrow there will be no after school classes but the students will do some activities at the gym instead. However, those who will not join the activity please pick up the students on time. (3:30 pm).
  • Math - We practice writing the missing addends and find the sum, as well as using the correct equation sign.
  • Language - we learned ordering the words alphabetically.
  • Reading - identifying and writing the words that rhyme with short vowel a.
  • Homework: Math - Add 10 and more. L 3.7 Language - alphabetize the words.

Thank you.

Sept. 26

Good afternoon.

  • Here 's the schedule for Quarter 1 Exam:

September 29, Friday - P.E.

October 02, Monday - Art and Music

October 03, Tuesday - Health and Computer

October 05, Thursday - Christian Living and Chinese

October 11, Wednesday - Language

October 12, Thursday - Math and Social Studies

October 13, Friday - Science and Reading

  • Study guides for Math, Science, Reading, Language and Social Studies will be posted here soon and will also give print outs to the students.
  • Homework: Science - answer page 72 textbook
  • Today's lesson in Science was differentiating and identifying natural from human-made resources and materials.
  • In Math we learned how to use a 10 frame to add 10 and more.
  • Social Studies -L 4 p64 . Differentiate Buying and Selling , producer from consumer.

Thank you.

Sept. 25

Happy Monday everyone.

  • Reminder : Please do not forget to send the Thursday, Sept.28 after school schedule slip tomorrow.
  • Kids had Art and and Music today.
  • Today in Reading , we reviewed phonics ai-ay words and had controlled practice activities. We also started with the vocabulary words of Lesson 18.
  • We answered text book and board activities in Math finding the sum using count on and double facts strategies.
  • In Language, we learned to identify , write and spell orally the plural words using pictures.
  • Homework: Math - L 3.6 , Reading - Draw your favorite food and write two sentences about it.

Thank you.


  • Schedule for after school activities on Thursday , Sept.28 was given to the students. Please send it back on or before the said date.
  • New P.E. / House T-shirt was also given today.
  • For those who still have Library books at home please remind the kids to bring them on or before Wednesday.
  • We had spelling, words with oa-ow, and practice exercise identifying singular and plural.
  • We practiced strategies in solving addition facts in Math. Study our next lesson - using count on, doubles and doubles plus 1 to find sums. Textbook p 118
  • We learned to sort materials and was able to identify objects made of brick, wood ,metal and glass P64 Next lesson in Science is Natural vs. Human -made.
  • We learned to identify goods and services in Social Studies. Study in advance the next topic is Buying and Selling on p 64 textbook.
  • We read short story and answered comprehension questions .

You can log on to your textbook accounts for advance study. Have a great weekend everyone!

Thank you.

Sept. 21

Good afternoon everyone.

  • Social Studies - we learned to differentiate goods from services and be able to give examples of goods and services at home, school and community.
  • Math - we reviewed and practice more strategies on adding doubles plus and minus 1.
  • Reading - we learned to identify and use the vocabulary words, transport and animals from the Big Trip story. We also learned to read, spell and use the words with long e.
  • Language - we were able to differentiate singular from plural and complete some board exercises.
  • Science - we learned about natural and human made materials and be able to identify the parts of a bicyle.
  • Do not forget to bring healthy snacks everyday. Chocolates, candies and other junk sweets are not allowed.
  • Make sure to come to school with pencils, erasers and proper uniform. (P.E. uniform-Wednesdays and Fridays only) the rest of the week please wear your daily uniform with black shoes.

Thank you.

Sept. 20

  • The fire department visited our school today. The kids learned and enjoyed how to use the fire extinguisher, observed and practiced CPR and even tried the fire fighter's uniform.
  • We learned how to add doubles plus 1 today in Math.
  • In Science, we learn how to make an organizer using recycled boxes applying the design process.
  • We learned how to identify vowels, rhyming words and match picture with text in our Reading class.
  • Homework: Printed out, please check the kid's poly pocket.

Math - hands on ch 3 L 3.5 Adding doubles plus 1

Reading - Write two sentence about the "Big Trip" story.


Hi everyone.

  • Tomorrow (Sept. 20, Wednesday) the Fire Department will come and visit our school to show us fire safety measures. Please wear red t-shirt with your P.E jogging pants or shorts.
  • Review and additional practice adding doubles in Math.
  • In Science we continued the design process lesson - back scratcher.
  • We learned how to make choices in Social Studies. Ch2 L2
  • Homework: Science - answer pages 56-58
  • May I follow up the order form for the scholastic books. If you wish to order please send the slip thru the kids or you can also order online until Sept. 21,2017 thru this link:

Thank you.

Sept. 18

Good afternoon everyone.

  • Health cards were returned today, please check in your kid's bag.
  • In Language we learned about contractions/ apostrophe.
  • We had story telling and writing a short journal about their Field trip in Reading.
  • We learned to use doubles to add in Math Ch3 L3.4
  • Homework:

Math-write the addition sentence

Language - identifying singular and plurals

Thank you.

Sept. 15

Good afternoon everyone.

  • Scholastic list of books with order form was given to students please fill up the form and send it back incase you want to order. You can also click this link to order online.
  • I returned the test papers, homework and other class exercises. Please review the spelling words with vowel pairs oa, ow for Monday.
  • The Field Trip at the Red Barn was great and fun! Kids enjoyed it. Please check some pictures below.

Have a nice weekend to all.


  • Kids will wear their P.E uniform tomorrow for their Field Trip. They will bring a small backpack with extra towel and t-shirt, healthy snacks and water bottle. They must also bring their Health Card.
  • Homework in Social Studies is on p54-55. Study the lesson "Why we make choices" and answer question number 1 . Circle your choice and write 1 sentence why you chose it.

Sept. 13

Good afternoon.

  • New password for ELA-Write source online book was given to the students.Please check their assignment book.
  • Kids had their Reading test today. Everyone did their best. We also reviewed the past lessons in Language class in preparation of the test tomorrow and learned an additional punctuation, the use of comma. Next lesson will be the use contractions or apostrophe.
  • Math lesson was the continuation of Adding in any order L3.1 and we also started with L3.2 Counting on.
  • In Science, we learned the 5 design process engineers use in performing their work. Kids put in their great ideas about the said topic.
  • It was Library day, kids borrowed some books to read in the house. Some of them were not able to borrow because they still haven't returned the ones they took from last Library day. Please remind the kids to bring them to school so they can return and get a new one.
  • Here's the next spelling list for advance study, words with vowel pairs oa, ow:
  1. show
  2. row
  3. boat
  4. blow
  5. toad
  6. road
  7. low
  8. coat
  9. grow
  10. snow

Thank you,


Sept. 12

Hi everyone.

  • As I mentioned last week that I would like to put the homework online on their book accounts, so they will be able to log in to them more often however, I found that it's not linked to my account so won't be able to check their works online. But there are some video lessons and other exercises they can watch and do on their accounts , which I already assigned one in Science and in Social Studies so kids can check it anytime. So for now, I will just keep on giving print out for homework . Kids can visit their online books anytime for review and advance study.
  • Today we started with Ch3 L1 in Math Addition Strategies as well as we learn to count, identify and add numbers from 11-20. In Science, we learn how engineers work and be able to differentiate Robotic, Civil and Mechanical engineers. Kids had brilliant questions and ideas of about technology and engineers. We also started with Ch2 L1 in Social studies - Work in the Community.
  • Kids also had Computer, Health and Christian Living Classes.
  • Homework : For Thursday.

Reading - L 17 vocabulary words, (Story : The Big Trip P49) arrange the letters and write the words correctly .

Social Studies - Identify needs and wants.

  • Reminder: Test in Reading tomorrow.

Thank you.


Good afternoon everyone.

  • We had spelling today in Language class words with ai-ay. we also learned how to use punctuation correctly.
  • In Math we finished Ch2 subtraction from 10 or less. We will start with the next chapter tomorrow Addition Strategies using numbers 11-20.
  • They also had Art and Music class.
  • Homework: Please check the print outs in their assignment book.

-Math Ch2 L 2.9

-Language. Identify the correct punctuation

  • On Friday will be the Field trip day. We will leave the school at 12pm and come back at 3pm, regular class schedule in the morning. Kids can bring extra t-shirt, small towel, healthy snacks and water bottle.
  • Test in Reading is on Wednesday. Coverage:

-beginning,middle and final sounds

-identifying rhyming words

-sentence order

-identify transport

  • Test in Language is on Thursday. Coverage:


-using punctuation correctly

-identify the question words (What, when, where, why)

-identify naming and telling part

Thank you


  • Just to acknowledge that I received all the Field Trip payment however, may I remind those who haven't submitted the permission slip please do not forget to send it thru your kids on Monday.
  • Kids had Social Studies test. They all did well.
  • In Math, we had hands on solving Chapter 2 L 2.8, subtraction-taking apart.
  • We practiced long e words and learned short words with vowel u sound in Reading.
  • It was a great discussion in Science, kids had lots of brilliant ideas about technology and it's uses. They were able to explain also the advantage of having windshield wiper in cars based from their personal experiences. Textbook Unit 2 L1.
  • In Language , we learned to differentiate Asking from Telling sentence and had some practice exercise using the correct punctuation as well.
  • Tomorrow is a school holiday. So kids enjoy your long weekend.
  • Please check the admin newsletter in their poly pocket and also the Science and Social Studies unit tests. I think the poly pocket is handy and light for the kids, so please see to it that they will bring it everyday to put their homework , checked activities and other print outs .
  • May I suggest to please just guide the kids in their homework but not actually doing the work for them so that they will be able to answer and participate in the class for further discussion.
  • Please guide the kids to open their textbooks account for advance study. I will post some homework online for next week. So that they will learn to use their online books more often.

Thank you. A nice weekend to everyone.


You did well kids especially in your Science test today !

We had a productive morning in ELA, we learned about punctuation marks today and practice using them. Reading class was fun. Everyone participated well in the group work,classifying kinds of transport. We did board and online exercises in Math on subtract all or zero, as well answering p 78-79 in textbook . Continue reviewing for the Social Studies test tomorrow.

Homework: Please check the print outs in the poly pockets of the students.

  • Math - Ch 2 L 2.7, 2.8
  • Reading - telling or asking sentences
  • Science - study p 47-49 of your textbook . Be ready to describe an engineer, what does he do? What does design process means ?

Next Spelling List to study: Words with ai and ay

  • play
  • grain
  • sail
  • mail
  • may
  • rain
  • way
  • day
  • stay
  • pain

Thank you. Have a great afternoon.

September 05

Hi everyone.

  • Today we reviewed 5 senses , science tools and inquiry skills in Science in preparation of the test tomorrow.
  • Another subtraction activity today in Math. We're still in subtraction concept this week, so, kids expect more solving . (taking away and comparing) You can log on to your textbook for advance study. Next lesson is subtract all or zero.
  • In Social Studies , we answered chapter 1 review and assessment in the book.

** Parents, please include the permission slip when you send the Field Trip payment.

Thank you.

Monday, September 04

Happy Monday everyone!

This week will be shorter because on Friday it will be holiday. So, before enjoying the coming long weekend we'll finish couple of our test first. We will have test in Science on Wednesday and test in Social Studies on Thursday. You can find your study guides here :

Or you can open the page Q1 Study & Exam Guide. You can also access the textbooks online for review and advance study.

*Only the following will be included in the Test:

  1. Science Test ( Wednesday)
  • name and identify the senses and science tools
  • identify the inquiry skills

2. Social Studies Test ( Thursday)

  • identify ways to be a good citizen at school, home and community
  • identify rules at school, home and community
  • name the leaders and workers at school and community

** I printed the study guides too. They are in the poly pockets of the students.

Language class today was fun, we spelled the long e words, we reviewed the naming part of a sentence and continued with identifying the telling part. In Reading, we learned how to recognize the sound of short vowel i and identify words that rhymes with i. We continued with the subtraction problem solving in Math (subtract to compare) using real objects to model the concept. Kids love using manipulative to count.

Homework: To be submitted on Wednesday. I put the print outs in the student poly pockets, please check.

  • Math - lesson 2.5 & 2.6 Subtract to compare using pictures.
  • Language - Write your own 5 sentences. Circle the naming part and underline the telling part.
  • Reading - Draw your 3 favourite transport and write their names. Write also if it used in air, land or sea.

**Permission slip for scheduled Field Trip on September 15 was given today. Please return on or before Thursday.

Thank you,


September 01, 2017

A nice September 1st to everyone!

Today we learned different new things in our Major subjects . We wrote, we counted and we drew.

In Math, we reviewed the use of pictures to compare and subtract as well as answered subtraction exercises using the bar model.

We completed the unit review in Science on senses, inquiry skills and measuring tools. Kids worked well with their group.

In Social Studies, we reviewed the country symbols of (US) unlock vocabulary words and differentiated Fact from Opinion. We had writing activities on the said lessons.

We learned about the different Transport today in Reading. And we were able to identify and spell their names.

Language class was great because we learned the Wh-questions and were able to give our own asking questions. We also ordered and wrote words to form a sentence using the correct punctuation.

Next week we will study Technology in Science so be ready to give examples of electronic gadgets.

I hope you will enjoy your couple of days off. However don't forget to go over your next spelling list below. Words with long e.

  1. me
  2. be
  3. read
  4. feet
  5. tree
  6. keep
  7. eat
  8. mean
  9. sea
  10. these



August 30, 2017

Good afternoon Parents,

Please check the envelope of your child for the unit test paper in Math and the previous homework.

Homework in Phonics p 13-14 (middle sound) I also posted it on the Homework page and wrote in their assignment book.

Thank you.

August 28,2017

Good afternoon Parents,

Thanks for helping the kids in memorizing their part they did very well this morning in presenting our class saint. Please see some of their pictures below.

Students will have their Unit test in Math, on Wednesday . Please see their lesson notes in Homework/Assignment page. A printed copy​ will be inserted in their Math notebook. The scope​ will be "Finding the sum" and "Adding using pictures."

Please check their Assignment book for Homework in Language. I'm also posting it in the Homework page with the Spelling list on Wednesday for advance study.

I would like to mention also that every week I will delete​ old pictures from this site​ to accommodate​ space for new ones and for faster uploading. So if​ you want to download or copy the pictures of your kids you may do so on or before the weekend.

Thank you.

August 21, 2017

Good afternoon Dear Parents. For those who haven't received the Student-Parent Handbook I gave it to our kids today. Please sign the last page and send it back tomorrow or until Friday.

As of today, I only got 5 email addresses. May I follow up for those who haven't given it yet to maintain proper communication channel.

Thank you for all your support.

Ms. Faith

August 18, 2017

Dear parents,

Please come for the Parent - Teacher Meeting tomorrow August 19, 2017 at 8:00 am.

Thank you.

August 15, 2017

Dear Parents,

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Electronic links, usernames and passwords of your children to access the class blog site, Dojo site and their major subject books are given today. Please check the Assignment notebook of your child. Class Schedule is already posted on this blog .

Please be reminded of the class fund for those who haven't submitted yet. And also as stated in the welcome letter of Ms. Parker (Art Teacher) Students are required to bring A 4 Sketch Notebook for Art Class.

Thank you.

Ms. Faith

August 11, 2017

" Learning is one big adventure"

- Here are my adventurous kids learning through creative and active participation.

- They drew themselves showing how they can help their school and the community then talk about their drawing.

- Group work. Draw - "My school, my community"

August 10, 2011

- Administered pretest to assess the levels of the students, that I would have a clearer understanding of the students level across the curriculum.

August 09, 2017

- Welcome letters given today

- Specialty teachers ( P.E. , I.T. , Chinese and Christian Living ) gave a positive feedback on your behavior today. Keep it up smart ones!

Nov. 13

Hi everyone.

Student showcase on Friday, Nov. 17 will start at 2:40 pm at the gym. Student will wear all black tights like the picture shown. Kids, please keep practicing your lines.

Homework : please check their poly pocket for print out

Math - Equal and not equal

Language - Using nouns

Thank you.