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Annotated & Illustrated Eucharist Booklets for Children

The wording is straight from the Book of Common Prayer but includes pictures, information, and activities for readers and non-readers, alike, to both engage with!

How to Use:

  • This is intended to be printed or copied double-sided so the text and activities line up side by side. Be sure to bring something to color the pages!

  • Optional: Subscribe to a children's bulletin service below or copy pages from one of the recommended activity books for use during the sermon. (This is optional, but recommended because it helps children engage with the lectionary readings of the day. If this is not a possibility, there is plenty of blank space for doodling!)

children's bulletins that follow the lectionary readings:

Illustrated Children's Ministry (recommended)

The Sunday Paper

Children's Worship Bulletins

children's worship activity books by Anne E. Kitch:

What We Do in Church

What We Do in Advent

What We Do in Lent

Water for Baptism, Water for Life