“Tell me about a time you used math”

a Global Collaborative Project

Project Creator

Orlala Wentink

Digital Educational Leadership M.Ed. student

Seattle Pacific University

Email: owentink@digitaledleadership.org

Website: owentink.org

Project Summary

For this Global Collaborative Project, I am collecting stories of times when math was important, needed, relevant, useful, etc. My hope is that these stories will help us explore “real-life applications” or "real-life examples" of math through the question of “what was a time that math was relevant to you?”


The purpose is to illuminate what real-world application means or can mean. To help us see or expand the view of how math is relevant to our lives, or how math shows up in our lives. These stories should help convey how open ended “math relevance” can be. These stories could serve as examples to inspires others - children and adults - to think of their own story.

Who can submit stories?

Absolutely anyone can submit a story. The goal is to expand our view - to see math from as many perspectives and in as many places as possible!

What level math?

Any and all levels of math are appropriate. No math is too simple. No math is too complex. Big picture, the hope would be that others can see how the math they know or are learning can relate to real life, and to see that future math topics can relate too.

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