Math Stories

XP and D&D: calculus, recursive functions, explicit functions; D&D, XP

Pyramid Head Costume: trigonometry, angles, SOHCAHTOA, tangent, measurement, rulers, inches; costumes, pyramids, crafts

Fixing Up the Fixer Upper: surface area, algebra, geometry; construction, plumbing, trades, house repair, home ownership

Math for May Day: arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry; Maypole, community, holiday

Comparing Hoop Weights: calculus, geometry, area, circles, triple integrals, cylindrical coordinates; hula hoops, polypro, tubing size, tubing weight

Algebra for Renters: algebra, economics, accounting; rent, budgeting

Spreadsheets are Basic Algebra: basic algebra; travel, spreadsheets, mileage

Math Saved My Porch: algebra, geometry, trigonometry; construction, carpentry

Using Bayes' Law to Decide Whether to Watch a Sporting Event: probability, statistics, Bayes' Law; sports

Estimating at the Balloon Exhibit: estimation, volume; balloons, art gallery