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Food and Nutrition Service is dedicated to our students' health and well being, and believes that a nourished student is a student who is ready to learn.  Providing nutritious meals in a safe and supportive environment promotes the whole child, whole school and whole community.


 A movement is at hand. We’re proud to be part of it.

Right here in our own school district, we have experienced a fundamental change that has been sweeping across the country: a celebration of the valuable nutrition schools provide to our children! And in league with our partners and nutritional guidelines, we want to share with you stories and the success around keeping your children’s health and nutritional needs top of mind. There are good things going on that you may not be aware of and might even amaze you.

 Nutrients & participants for better meals

We are proud of our child nutrition team and the value we bring to the educational system: breakfast before school and mid-day at lunch, we offer important nourishment that helps fortify students for the job of learning and academic success. And in partnership with local food sources, we’ve managed to provide fresh nutritional options that are good for the children.

 Local means faster and better

We’ve explored opportunities with local farmers’ markets and other food providers in the area so that we can offer kids the best ingredients AND that’s not from so far away, decreasing our environmental footprint. We are supporting our local farmers and food providers in the area and when you purchase school lunch, you can be assured you are too!

 Taste. Health. Stats. All delicious.

Check out these quick nationwide stats around how things are moving up in a nation of nutrition for your kids:

·         10% sodium reductions across weekly menus started in 2014/2015 school year and continue moving forward.

·         Grades K-8 are offered ½ cup and grades 9-12 are offered at least 1 cup of fruit per day.

·         Grades K-8 are offered  ¾ cup and grades 9-12 are offered at least 1 cup of vegetables per day.

·         School meals offer value with an average cost of $0.00 vs. $4.57 for a packed lunch.

·         Products made with 51% whole grain are offered daily for breakfast and lunch.

·         Calorie limits for lunch are between 550-850 based upon age.

·         Calorie limits for breakfast are between 350-600 based upon age.

·         Schools buy American grown and produced products.

·         Schools must offer 3-3/4 to 5 cups of vegetables per week for lunch, including vegetables that are dark orange/red, dark green and beans/legumes.

·         School meals have a weekly average of less than 10% saturated fat and 0g of trans fat.

·         47% of school districts participate in the Farm-to-School program.

·         Schools must offer milk daily and offerings consist of low-fat and fat-free.

Employment Opportunities

DLPS FNS is always seeking quality candidates for substitute food service positions to assist when employees are not able to be in attendance. These positions are on a day-to-day, on-call, as-needed basis with no guarantee of regularly scheduled work.

A food service substitute will be placed in different areas of the operation based on need and qualifications, this could include and not limited to the: Daily food preparations, using large volume cooking, and cleaning equipment, computerized cashiering, dish washing, serving, set-up and clean up.

Please apply here: frontline Detroit Lakes Public Schools 

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