Investors & Partners

DestiNA is proud to have world-class strategic alliances with companies, research centers and universities.

Investment Opportunity

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Trade Partners

A commercial development program and collaboration has been established with Master Diagnóstica of Granada (Spain), to develop DestiNA reagent technology with their patented Hybrispot DNA-Flow based platform, with automated hybridization and detection. The companies agreed an assay development program covering tests for infectious disease/pathogens and cancer, for improved pathology.

An innovative commercial collaboration with Optoi Microelectronics of Trento (Italy), has the aim to produce a rapid, 'hand-held' molecular diagnostic platform for direct detection of microRNA biomarkers.

In collaboration with AWSensors and Sistemas Genómicos of Valencia (Spain), an innovative project to develop an ultra-sensitive detection platform based on sound wave sensing, supported by an EU Horizon 2020 grant, and the participation of Belgian and Greek academic research groups.

With Quanterix Inc of Lexington MA (USA), a collaboration resulting in publication of a first time demonstration of a PCR free, direct detection of a microRNA from patient serum: "Polymerase-free measurement of microRNA-122 with single base specificity using single molecule arrays: Detection of drug-induced liver injury, PLOS One, 2017, doi: journal.pone.0179669

Academic Partners


H2020 LiqBiopSens

Development and validation in real settings of a novel diagnostic platform for the early and fast detection of circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) and their KRAS and BRAF mutations associated to colorectal cancer through blood samples.


Developing a Novel Detection Platform for microRNAs useful as Improved Biomarkers for Detection of Lung Cancer and Clinical Decision Making.

FEDER - Innterconecta

A consortium formed by Vitro, MD, Rekon and DestiNA Genomica focused on the development of an automatize device for performing novel molecular diagnostic assays capable of delivering multiplex formats. In particular, the assays being developed are based on biomarkers such as nucleic acids and proteins related to infectious diseases and allergic diseases. The project started in 2015 and it will be concluded in 2018


DestiNA has managed since its formation to balance its technology and early stage commercial developments through careful management of its funds from founders and directors, angels, seed funds, EU and national R&D grants, as well as collaborator investments by companies with molecular diagnostic platforms in the UK, Spain and Italy.