Frequently Asked Questions

What is Deseret Academy; Public, Private, or Charter School?

Deseret Academy is an in-person private school started by teachers and parents from the community who wanted to hold on to their core values.

Who does Deseret Academy Serve?

Deseret Academy serves families in the local area that prefer old fashioned, Judeo-Christian instruction with a rigorous educational program.

What is taught at our school?

We teach all core topics such as: Science, Social Studies, Mathematics, Reading Comprehension, Writing, and Grammar.

Will my child be expected to complete homework at home?

At Deseret Academy, we are all parents and know the weight of too much homework. We will do our part in keeping the education at school with using home time for over-flow only. Time in the home is important to us and we will work to keep it in the hands of our families. 

 What will my child(ren)'s day/week look like?

School days are 8am-2:30pm. Monday-Thursday

Can I expect school field trips?

We love field trips! An educational trip is a great way to enhance instruction and make learning fun and relevant. We encourage our teachers to take field trips and parents can expect them periodically throughout the year.

How do I enroll my child(ren) in Deseret Academy?

We are currently taking applications! We are excited to help you achieve your child's educational goals.

Click this link to take you to our Application Page.